New Year's Eve Party in Brooklyn 

Hi Gang! Happy Holidays!

If you're in town this New Year's Eve and are looking for a low-key yet totally awesome party to attend, please do stop by our place in Cobble Hill. John's calling it a barbecue, and I'm calling it a cocktail party, so one way or the other you're gonna get all your party needs met. There's no reason why you can't enjoy a burger and champagne punch at the same time.

If I don't see you then, Happy New Year!


cell: 917.502.9460 (our doorbell is broken, so call if your knocking goes unanswered.)


New Years is coming.... 

Hey Kids,

Wanted to post and see what everyone is either doing for New Years, or if like some you're going to be in Texas, maybe some resolutions. I'm really excited about this New Year as it ushers in my arrival to Brooklyn. You may be asking yourselves why I am so excited to be leaving the island of Manhattan. Yes, it is going to be sad leaving the projects. I'll miss my neighbor Cookie who gave me my first taste of second hand crack smoke when she hot boxed the elevator. However, I won't miss the local grocery store line being held up by folks asking why they raised the price on individual packs of grape Kool-Aid from 10 cents to 25. Nor will I miss my local liquor store having a larger selection of wine coolers versus actual wine. Anyways, as I say goodbye to 2007 I'll be pouring one out whilst listening to some Riskay.


have a good one 


is it christmas? 

well, is it?


my week. 

with this being the last week of 2007 in nyc, we'll start out with the band that i've seen the most this year: white williams. i've seen him three times in the past month, and i think that's more than any band this year. so here he is, playing a show at the new music hall of williamsburg.

on friday night, we went to a gay loft party here in williamsburg. i've heard of blue balls, but blue hand...?

mike is back in my room, after a six month hiatus. it's good to have him back, i missed him. thanks, nate.

also on friday, i hosted james call's annual christmas ball party. jacquie didn't know that many people, so she tried to blend in as best as she could.

pretty lights.

cap'n drrrty.

well here's a nice phambly photo. the gang all gathered (sans one soldier...and she was missed) at mulholland's here in williamsburg to watch the cowboys get their asses handed to them by the lowly eagles. last game of the season that we'll be watching in the nyc. thanks for coming out everybody. sorry it was such a sucky game.

here's bob. he's a six-month old english bulldog. he's real cute, likes treats, and one time i got in trouble for him accidentally rubbing up against a fire hydrant and getting paint all over him. he pulls like a tugboat, and he may be no addie, but he is our pet of the week.

tonight we celebrated victor's birthday in the east village. nate bought him his favorite magazine, compiled into a book. and have you met my friend from tennessee? he doesn't like nate, or victor, but he likes ass, and he absolutely loves the butt book. and that's an inside joke. anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VICTOR!

cabs across the bridge are going to be awful lonely in a few weeks...



thank henry 

@ indiepix



or did you swedes put a forget-me-now in her drink? C'MON!

my week. *holidays are here again edition* 

another holiday season is upon us, and last week new york city saw her first snowfall.

the wintry view from the promenade in brooklyn heights. the view from there still gives me chills at times. or maybe it was the 30* weather. either way, she's gorgeous.

on saturday, after going to 'rush' with nate and friends, we rolled across the street to hollywood diner. so what would you recommend? the drrrty sausage?

hollywood diner for breakfast foods at 3:30 am, followed by brunch at relish, less than twelve hours later. i think we all gained ten pounds that day, huh sweedies? oh well, we can vomit afterwards at my place while we play uno, right victor?

in case someone wasn't in the christmas spirit yet, this shot's for you.

this is dante, a 7-year old male german shephard. he's the sweetest, most beautiful, largest pup i've walked (and he's my new favorite since zeke left me). he's absolutely perfect, and as an added bonus, people cross the street when they see us coming down the sidewalk. i sometimes call him punkin', and he's our pet of the week.

from the lets-do-this family to yours.


speaking of corn... 

You billyburgers are a lucky bunch. Having just read The Omnivore's Dilemma I would kill - no animals or people mind you - for this grocery store.

Cook me dinner?

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shout out! 

One of my favorite Let's Do This Blog neighbors, Tim Saccenti, had the honor of having TWO music videos listed in the Top 50 of 2007 by Pitchfork Media. Way to go! Check it out HERE.

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Billy Rules! 

Please go support this amazing film at the IFC. I think its only playing for another week or so.

"a candid, fly-on-the-wall portrait of a teenager who, in Billy's own words, is "different in the mind."

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Jesus - now in HD! 

Been meaning to post this for a while, so it might be old news already for some of you.

Officials took a super high-res picture of Leonardo Da Vinci's "The Last Supper." Super high-res as in 16 billion pixels. It's posted online and allows you to zoom in far enough to practically see his nose hair.

(thanks, Grandma!)

go, speed racer, go. 

wachowski bros, john goodman, christina ricci, susan surandon, and matthew fox. will be interesting. might be good. Go, trailer, go.


when writers strike...

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