for those of you who didn't take the time to complete ma petite devinette, the answers from the last issue of "American Birthdays" are:

This Friday, Sept. 1st
Supreme Trading
213 N. 8th Street between Driggs and Roebling
Bedford Stop
starting around 9-11ish (whenever to whenever...)

for Monica and Erin

don't mess with texas. seriously. 

because it's crazy as shit.

First, Warren Jeffs, the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints not only has a church name that is way too damn long. But he's also nutso. And captured. And has followers in West Texas. He's on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list, right up there with the slightly more popular Mr. bin Laden. Isn't he a cutie?

Secondly, the Lone Star State isn't just home to more than half of LDTers. It's also home to a pastor who raped a woman. Oh, wait, I'm sorry. He didn't rape her. He was just trying to remove a "sex spirit and lesbian demon" inhabiting her body.

And because things come better in three, we'll just finish off with George W. Bush, and what he's really wanted to say all these years in his State of the Union addresses.

Free from Starbucks? WTF 

Starbucks if finally paying us back for all those 6 dollar lattes. They will be unveiling a pop up store type thingie at 76 greene st. from Sept. 8th through the 17th.

"The Starbucks Salon is a nomadic interactive coffeehouse, gallery, and performance venue rolled into one."

Sounds a bit lofty but notables do include: Buck 65, Lansing-Dreiden and Jose Gonzales

peep the full schedule here


the final countdown... is over. 

so as not to spoil anything for those of you who haven't seen the last few episodes or (gob help you) haven't started watching the (best, smartest, funniest, most adult diaper worthy) series yet... i'll leave you with this plot teaser:

"a season fraught with betrayal, magic tricks gone awry, malfunctioning Japanese jet packs, a rare hair plug disorder, a gorgeous British girl hiding a secret, Justine Bateman and Scott Baio's triumphant return to broadcast television, dead turtles, fake comas, a Christian magic show in Baghdad, and the final, shocking revelation of who was behind the Bluth hardships from the beginning." - DVD Verdict

and a list of searchable show "keywords" according to amazon.com, (amended by me for some accidental oversights):

Fake Documentary | Orange County California | Handheld Camera | Narration | Dysfunctional Family | Identical Twins | Self Referential | Crooked Businessman | Banana Stand | Stair Car | Hop Ons | Blue Man Group | Cousins in Love | Chicken Dance | Seals In Bowties | Analrapist | George Bush Hates Black Puppets | Cornballer | Segway | Mentally Retarded Female | Never Nude | Save Our Bluths | Annyong!

out today on DVD

258 minutes of heaven

own it
flix it
quote it

Random Arrested Development Quotes



Monica's 27th Birthday Party (and Millions of Dollars Piggybacks for a Second Chance at Turning 21!) 

Strength in Numbers…
2 - number of girls who will be seen celebrating of their departures from the womb

27 - the number of years Monix will have graced the Earth with her cheer; also a prime number year for the little tart, which means good luck!

21 - the number Erin won't have to lie about anymore

1 - besides the concept of existence and the loneliest number, the date our celebration will take place

9 - the number of the month and the hour past noon of the soiree

6 - the day of the week of the party

213 - the address

8 - the street - the name of the venue, codified as a=1, etc.

1,000,000 - number of one dollar bills Erin flails around in every night before bedtime

answers will appear in the next edition of "american birthdays"

last issues answers:
ox tail soup
never on tuesdays


wisdom meets folly 


don't worry frank,
i'd take an elbow to the eye for you 

"I used to have a band, and now I don't"

nick and i went to see frank black (aka charles thompson) last saturday night at cozy southpaw. he played a great, charged set of his solo stuff - most of which i didn't know - and a couple of pixies songs. we even managed to snag a spot right up front, so i could actually see (except right after the elbow incident.)

that made me happy.

then i read this article, which made me sad. but i have to say, it definitely made me wanna see this:

a documentary filmed behind the scenes of the 2004 pixies reunion tour
opens at cinema village (aka the pee pee theater) on september 29th
on DVD november 7th

watch the trailer here


get your batteries while they're hot...er, not hot 

I purchased a Powerbook in June, and by the middle of July the battery overheated and the whole notebook went kaput. Apple fixed it (free of charge of course) however, I was without a computer for seven days! I was pretty T O'd. Just wanted to inform everyone who has an iBook G4 or a PowerBook G4 to contact Apple about the recall, and get your replacement batteries ASAP.

pluto, now just a dog and a dwarf 

aw, why'd they have to go and "take the magic out of the solar system"?? what about my very educated mother? what's she gonna give us nine of now? how am i supposed to pass down my old spraypainted styrofoam model of the solar system to my great-great-grandchildren? they'll make fun of me and tell people i probably thought the earth was flat, and that global warming was real. i feel so cheated.


what are you doing tonight 


if i wasn't gonna be at this:

= revenge of the book-eaters

i would totally be at this:

= riverflicks: clockwork orange

and/or this:

= crackers united presents FRICTION

but the whole time i'd secretly wish i was doing this:

= buy me one?

And Anotha One...More Texas Stuff 

"Don't Mess with Texas" has been nominated as one of the best slogans of all time. The slogan is nominated right alongside Nike's "Just Do It" and Wheaties' "The Breakfast of Champions." There's also an article in Austin American-Statesman about it.

Winners are selected by online voting so vote here!


speaking of partying... er, austin again 

ow owwww

as if you couldn't tell we came from good schooling in that department.

speaking of austin 

One of my all-time favorite fun bands from Austin, Asylum Street Spankers, are playing the 1st at Spiegeltent and twice on the 2nd.

Any takers? I also wouldn't mind catching some Absinthe (the show, people) action but it's an extra layout of $.

teen witch take 2 

I don't know how we didn't make it into this promotional video, I thought I did an awesome rendtion of Top That, but for all you who indulged me in going to see Teen Witch check this out!

extra extra 

So since most of you on here are either from Austin or have family/friends in Austin here is a super cool way to make some extra cash.

Quentin Tarantino's Grind House film "Death Proof" starring Sydney Poitier, Vanessa Ferlito, and Jordan Ladd needs extras. We are currently looking for people who could be available for TWO WEEKS of NIGHT SHOOTS starting on August 28th through September 8th. The pay is $75 and you will work 12-14 hrs. a night. You MUST be available for ALL the shoot dates. Please e-mail a current photo and phone numbers to sheila@bethsepkocasting.com

the most popular man on YouTube 

is 79. and he broadcasts from his home in rural England. He just tells stories - he has over 22,000 subscribers.



This is a part of an incredible New York initiative, SOLAR ONE, that encourages New Yorkers to become more environmentally aware and sponsors programs in green engergy, arts, and education. A part of the arts arm of SOLAR ONE is the city's first completely solar powered theater, which is located outside in beautiful, sustainable Stuyvesant Cove Park (23rd St. and the East River) and Sunday summer movies are FREE. This Sunday, beginning at 9pm, is the 1997 anime, Princess Mononoke (read below). I'm going. Who'se coming with me?

August 27, 2006
Princess Mononoke
(1997, 134 mins)
Directed by Hayao Miyazaki

With an introduction by Claire Danes.
Mature in theme, operatic in scope, mystical in style, Princess Mononoke is the mythological tale of a war between encroaching civilization and the beast gods of the forest. In a remote mountain village far away in Northern Japan, the young warrior Ashitaka, is forced to kill a monster to protect his village. Too late, he discovers that the boar-like creature he killed is a protector-god of the forest. In killing the demon boar, Ashitaka has brought upon himself a curse, its sign: a twisted scar on his right forearm that is slowly spreading.

Ashitaka journeys to the land of the Tatara clan where he hopes to uncover the mystery of the curse before it takes his young life. Along the way, he becomes involved in the bitter fight between two warring factions of humans and a race of forest-gods trapped in the middle.

Full schedule


This is just retarded. How could Pam Anderson let this happen?


FRICTION this Wednesday at Sin-e 

We're bringin' another hype and festive show this week with Apes and Androids, The Foundry Field Recordings and Cassettes Won’t Listen. More info here.

panda panda panda! 

who said the chinese don't like baby girls?
this week-old "giant" panda is totally the first one on her block to get
her own blog.

it's all written in chinese, but there are pictures... right now she looks pretty pink and squirr'ly. but before long, i bet she'll be cute as a penguin. the blog will continue for the panda's entire lifespan, about 25 years (or until she tries to google falun+gong+torture.)

set the mood with andrew's favorite deerhoof song
:: panda panda panda ::

eye candy 

paul sprangers, everyones favorite front man for hockey night, will be having an art show at the cake shop august 24th through oct. 4th. there is an opening reception this thursday 7-9. here is what our studly superstar has to say about his work: "you can expect to see melting rainbow lips haunting electric black storms... in your futuremind. psychedelic felt splatters. construction paper cherry blasts and glossy pink lips slapped on cut out white cones. flavor zones.
so get juiced about that!
you'll probably be lucid dreaming when you get there. too"

cake shop:
152 ludlow st.


Erin's Bday Cancelled 

Hey Everyone,
Erin's birthday tonight has been cancelled. Sorry about the late notice. Please spread the word. We'll keep you posted if she can reschedule.



Nate's Birthday Party will be this SATURDAY
12:30 PM till whenever

come help us make him this (<----) happy


yo mama's on... 

Growing up in Inglewood California I could never quite escape this song. While teachers across the nation were probably chastizing their students for singing this, my teachers would just look at you and say, "Well, you know she is."






is now a WOMAN

this friday, august 18th
supreme trading
n. 8th b/w driggs and roebling


is now a BIPED

this saturday, august 19th
around 12:30 PM



round 2: Thursday Night 

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


don't panic 

the ELT (extremely large telescope) is here.

i hope somewhere out there douglas adams is having himself a good giggle.


attention everyone nathan is gay 

So a few weeks back I indulged Nate by submitting our profiles to the Queerty blog (so gay, I know). Now, Nate has been NOMINATED for "The Men of Myspace." Looks like he'll be getting A LOT of ass, but he promised he would share! SO, go vote for Nate HERE


feels so good... 

So besides the fact that I've just rediscovered the pure genius of The Lonely Ones "Another Girl" and my life is now complete (or at least I know what my wedding song will be), my friends band has just joined the myspace world. She's cute, she's french and she makes really good songs. They're called last looks, check them out HERE and add them if you like. They have like 6 friends so show them some love.


my week. 

two weekends ago, the paris' burned out of town. but not before leaving their mark on the city. i'm not sure who i'm going to watch cowboys games with every sunday, or who jacquie is going to bird call with. but they're going to be missed.

natalie has decided that a birthday is no longer enough, she likes to celebrate for an entire week. so happy birthweek natalie! here she is on tuesday of her birthweek, opening a pack of camera.

on friday, we went to a free hot chip show at the south street seaport. they showed us how we breakdown.

and i found myself.

saturday, eve 'n i went down to coney island. codeword 'dragonfly'.

we rocked the boat. this is that pirate ship ride that goes really high, and makes you get real seasick.

look! next to the dip! it's a bird! it's a plane! no, it's flattened...rolled...pretzel girl...or something. eve stop playing with your food...



Save the planet: have a drink 

Matt, this one's for you. If you're not already secretly the president.

Cool down at the hottest Green Drinks Party of the summer at THE FRYING PAN, Pier 63.

Bring your electric bill to sign up for Wind Power and get free admission.

WHAT: Green Drinks NYC ~ Every 2nd Tuesday of the month, 100 or so New Yorkers who are interested in exploring all things green and sustainable meet at different fabulous locations around the city. It’s a great chance to mix with other green-minded folks, share info and make new friends. Open to everyone.

WHEN: Tuesday, August 8, 2006 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm



can we discuss this.... 

So I just saw the new Beyonce video for Deja Vu. Its awful granted, but what really baffled me is how the director, Sophie Muller (she does No Doubt, Dixie Chix, etc...), pitched this concept to Beyonce. Seriously, if anyone can get a hold of the treatment I would love to read it. I can only imagine what it said, "Sexy slave girl in couture run s from the plantation while at the same time giving Jay-Z a hard on."



flickr and dodgeball have a threesome with myspace 

and out comes radar.


grunge and k-holes are making a comeback 

basically... 90s music. "ultimate dance party vol. 2" Take all American trends that are considered "out" Adidas windpants, X-Files t-shirts with "The Truth is Out There," JNCO, and Doc Martens and now picture hipsters trying to recreate awkward school dances and you aren't even close to realizing how cool the 90's or this party will be. yes. never ironic, because sandra actually listens to "more and more" like, all day while she's at the gym. expect: soul asylum. la bouche. stone temple pilots. blackstreet. des'ree. tripping daisy. [thank Ju-On's BF for that]

Tomorrow night and then every other Thursday after that (The Thursdays in between will be my goth night but I'm not sure how many of you on here listen to industrial and techno minimal, but worth a mention if you want to see me all in black with eye-liner doing the "Coffin")

guest "spin doctor": josh [from the now-defunct orchard bar]

SOCIAL LUBE drink special open bar before midnight!

sandra [your lady love]
andrew [puts the HUNK in chunks]
sheal [rice paddles]
302 broome
21+ [strictly enforced because Sheal don't have a phone so she can't sneak your jailbait trick in]

don't bring your fake id, no naked whores, and i promise "I'll make love to you."


happy sauna day nat! 

er, happy birth-day.

not quite knee-sweatin' ACL hot,
but let's just say i wish i had some modern english on my computer so i could post "melt with you" as your birthday mp3.

here's to you - and to some icy cold cocktails tonight!


top popped 

Top of the Pops broadcast their last program on the 30th. Bye-bye, love.

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