disgusting analogy below 

my grandma's bed gets more action than this blog. :::yawn::: anybody wanna help move tomorrow? ok fine, but maybe we'll be done in time to chill at some williamsburg patio and have drinks and watch the sun set over manhattan? i doubt i'm gonna have internet up tomorrow, so you'll have to call me...

viva villaguillermo!!


nowhere again 

you're all fired but here's the new secret machines video anyway.


matt+matt = same name twins 

finally. it's not just jac and i who answer each other's questions, finish each other's vodka sodas, and constantly sound like we're talking about ourselves in the third person... it was double the matt. double the birthday fun on saturday. see other jac's recap below for vodka-drenched details, and click here for misc. photographic evidence.


I've been down and out with a migraine brought on by my teeth whitening which was supposed to be my stop-smoking incentive but since it actually hit a nerve in my tooth has become a cause for pain-killers. how's that for vice-swapping?

saturday night i was quite excited to see matt was celebrating on my side of town, a chance to show off the hood. jac and i sat outside at bivio and enjoyed the lovely weather, tasty tapas and men in leather. Oh, and some crazy man who wanders the neighborhood dressed as a terrorist. So far, not so good. We walked over to west, which jac was pleased to find not a 30 minute trip but practically around the corner - this made up for the chaps. Music was good, everyone happy, happy until we went to passerby. should have passed it by because the ABSOLUTE worst DJ in the entire world was spinning. or rather i should say playing with sound effect buttons like "bomb" and "machine gun". hello 1987! but the fun didn't end there, he's apparently a fan of turning the volume up and down repeatedly. the sad part is some patrons were actually dancing to this shit- reason behind cabaret laws. the talk had been of karma all night, and i paid for shooting him dirty looks the next day. just in time for the dentist. i'm a smart one i tell you.

looks like it's back to the L.E.S.


derivative? yes. fucking great? yes. probably even better live? yes.

your worst is the best
by my new love i love you but i've chosen darkness

download immediately if not sooner.
eric pfleeger, nick manske, jac smack, margie lavender and morgen fleisig this means you.
just one for now. email me if you want more.

>pc people: right click and choose save target as
>mac people: control click and select download to disk

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sexual harassment claim confirms suspicions: no one cares about phoebe and chandler 

but the rest of the cast and writing staff are fair game. the smoking gun has the full, schwimmer=gay / cox=full of dried-up twigs harassment claim brought against the show's head male writers by a woman who was a writing assistant for the show in 1999. how the friends cast manage to keep a straight face when they talk about the debt they owe to the show's amazing writers is beyond me (for even more reasons now) -

and suddenly all those plotlines that involved rachel in her old cheerleading uniform or schoolgirl-esque outfits make a whole lot more sense. eew.

hi alex, do you mind moving your wedding date? 

(i'm only kidding dixie. and i can say that because i know she doesn't read this thing anyway...)

on july 23 i will be in dallas sipping champimple.
on july 23 DEVO, the yeah yeah yeahs and stellastarr* will be playing @ central park summerstage.

dude. who knew m.m. was even still performing as devo? tickets go on sale 12pm saturday (may 1) at your friendly neighborhood take-it-master. and in case you don't feel like shelling out the big bucks, mr. whip it good will also be showing his um, aptly titled beautiful mutants art show the following day (saturday july 24) at your friendly neighborhood drunktank.



be sure to check back frequently for 'Streams of jacquiousness'...fascinating, deep stuff.


check it. one of my favorite albums, weezer's blue album. plus one of my favorite rappers. we get the black and blue album. some of its pretty good, some garbage.

i love you i love you but i've chosen darkness 

i already knew it was one of the best band names ever. and nghia gave me the heads up when we were down at sxsw. but i juuust finally got my grubby mitts on their EP. and now i'm officially in love. so fucking good. more on that tomorrow.



"best rock band in vegas" can't be any better for your rep than "big in germany" - but forgive me this guilty sin city pleasure. apparently also shared by morrissey. who chose them to open for 2 of his sold out shows in LA.

viva rock vegas. it's the killers:

somebody told me

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find out if you're living in shaft's old pad or a former crack den... 

either way would be pretty dope, no? take a virtual walking tour of nyc a la new york songlines. get ready to waste some serious time looking up the semi-historical context of every street you've ever lived on, worked on, or hooked on.


"i don't do overhead." -nick manske

what, no pixies, cure, radiohead? 

ok. it ain't coachella. but not too shabby for our little coney island high. now if only it wasn't so fucking sweaty hot packed down there and the sound wasn't total shit...

saturday july 17

death cab for cutie
blonde redhead
har mar superstar
tv on the radio
the fiery furnaces
the fever
the ponies
your enemies friends

+plus more bands TBA


Weather or not 

My tentative plans for this perfect day are as follows (in no particular order):

Go to a park (maybe even look at Jacquie O's cherry trees).
Be outside.
Watch people.
Listen to birds chirp.
Lean against a tree and read something.
Enjoy a light sandwich with a refreshing, cold drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)
Watch "The Punisher" at 7:00.

If you would like to partake in any or all of the above, why do it solo? I'm cheap, easy, and oh so dirrrrty. 512-619-3075. Ask for Nathan.


playing with my toy 

i got a new radio. it gives me and jacque countless hours of delight as we listen to two thousand digital satellite radio stations while we drive in our unmarked volvo through connecticut. you could get one too or mooch off ours. who would have thought I could hear Jimmy Durante while traveling on the Saw Mill? Have a great day.

your blogging friend, Tom

misanthropic musings 

Y.O.L.O. bracelets, winter feet and Usher.

this section needs a theme song. di-di-dideedle-blah. break out a korg somebody!

how to end a sitcom (according to Sex and the City & Friends) 

* Have someone contemplate a move to Paris, even though you know they'll end up in NYC
* Pair everyone off, except one - sex sells, as do spin-offs
* Babies: 1 adopted, 1 old school style
* Bring back an old character
* One couple must move to the suburbs
* Demonstrate character growth in the last two episodes, even though they'd been exactly the same for all the previous seasons
* Make someone sick. Okay, so no one on Friends got ill, but Chandler's looking a bit worse for wear
* Finally, get a couple back together that never seemed to be able to work it out in the past

Don't mind me. I'm just bitter to have one less outlet for procrastination.

popping cherries 

speaking of springtime activities (get yo minds out the gutter) - the cherry trees are in first bloom at brooklyn botanical garden. if you've never lay down in cherry lane with... a good book. it's well worth the trip. BBG has the foremost collection of cherry trees outside japan. and april and may are the primo months. stake out cherry watch for peak conditions. it's pretty much next door to the brooklyn museum. so you might as well make a day of it and check out the BMA's new entrance and open house exhibition of local artists' work while you're down there.

coachella consolation prize: the 23rd annual cherry blossom festival (may 1-2). a two-day celebration of japanese culture. including taiko drumming, kabuki, bonsai pruning, tea ceremonies, origami, etc.


new york NICKS 

hey, does anyone have any interest in doing something rather spontaneous? like maybe catching a knicks game tonight? it's game 3 of the playoffs against the new jersey nets (i hate the nets). it's gonna get flagrant-fouly as both teams are talking total trash. i can almost guarantee fights and ejections. i'm sure we'd get horrible seats, if there are even any available, but damn, that sounds like a good time to me. and i've never been to tha gahden for a game. and we might see ja-rule, or spike, or, i don't know, maybe gweneth paltrow, or someone like that. let me know if there's any interest, and i'll see if we can get tickets at the door. :::in marv alberts voice::: he shoots...YEESSSSSSS!


dark. damaged. love songs. these two tracks could easily score a lars von trier movie:

"my flesh sings out. it sings come put me out."
the body breaks by devendra banhart
devendra plays a FREE show this sunday @ other music, 7pm

"i've pictured you in coffins. my baby in a coffin."
distortions by clinic
clinic plays a SOLD OUT show on may 8 @ southpaw

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pansy ass 

This is a fava bean plant. That is what I've been doing with my time. Reading local small town newspapers and planting seeds.

I just slipped a few notches on the cool ladder, didn't I.

sunny side up 

ok. here's an easy one for all you timid bloggers out there. (and if this doesn't work we may have to send you all back to kindergarten so you can learn how to share.)

this weather is making me giddy. it's been soooo long since i've seen anything like this - i can't even remember our usual outdoor hotspots. they're lost in hibernation. frozen somewhere deep in my brain. so i need you all to remind me: gardens. patios. roofs. parks. festivals. views of the sunset. dirty sidewalks with metal folding chairs. whatever. post your favorites in the comments section. let's make this a running list. the "let's do this" guide to spring livin' and lovin'. quick before it starts raining again.

what are your favorite sunshine-y springtime spots?



and i know this is a big if... IF i haven't already crammed a franz ferdinand CD down your throat or into any of your other orifices... now you can listen to clips from the whole FF album at their new u.s.-ified website. and if you feel like whoring yourself out to their mailing list (which of course, i did) then you can also watch the video for take me out. again, do i need to remind you that mine is way better? which i intend to prove to the band when i pitch their next video - jacqueline, i presume.

from now on, i only drink rheingold* 

seriously. watch rheingold's new "don't sleep" campaign created by david gordon green and you'll understand. impeach bloomberg! bill clinton for mayor! link from wendy.

*except when i'm drinking vodka sodies. or dirties. or good beer.

brooklyn down 

well now that our apartment search has concluded, nate and i are going shopping tonight for denim, trucker hats, pumas, and facial hair implants (seeing that neither of us can grow the proper facial hair). we found a place at bedford and south 8th (very near my new york city birthplace (thanks sean!)). it's only one stop from the LES on the JMZ. now when we go out we won't spend too much time without drink in hand, if we don't smuggle drinks on the train, which has been done before believe you me. the place is roomy, if you find a cereal box roomy. actually the rooms are big, but the livingroom (i use this word lightly...) leaves much to be desired. but we'll still find a way to fit everyone in there for our open house party, which should be following our may 1st move-in date. stay tuned for those details...

does it seem like i write the longest posts on here or is it just me? oh, one more thing, we're gonna need furniture, lights, etc. we're gonna style it real dope-like. anyone have any suggestions for cheap, cool furniture places, let me know.

and wave em like you just don't care 

the buzz has begun on "nothing lasts forever" scroll down past the stripper nun (don't act like that didn't just get your attention) and look for the adorable april-may couple throwing down avant garde gang signs. go tom. it's your birthday.

ps. this article (and the letter W) brought to you by lovely and dive-y indieWIRE editor, wendy mitchell.


most unneccessary but enjoyable use of bird noises in an indie pop song:
i like starting five by dios.

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room on fire 

Seen the Strokes video for Reptilia? Very nice - consists entirely of close-ups.


under six degrees of famous, or something... 

today christa and i were in the mott/prince area
and we stood next to terry richardson while we
waited to get a coffee from the gitane take-out
window. i know, no big whoop, but then we
walked by mekong, and who did we see there
being as loud as possible? OMA ROSSA!!
yeeeaaaahhhhhh! now there's a good starsighting
combo for a day. tomorrow we have to go west,
to del mar to hang out with normal people. fooey.


i've been up since 1:30am last night 

hence these gems:

"it was broken. it was dirty. and i wanted it."

"alcohol is a drug i'm comfortable with, so i'll do it with anybody."


Okay people. We must do Jacquie O proud while she's away and post! There must be something going on in your lives that you'd like to share. If not, make it up. Live vicariously through someone else and detail what they're doing. Make like a nike shoe and Just do It!

recycling brain cells 

It was not my finest hour. Nor was it Nick and Jessica's. I will admit to deriving a certain amount of pleasure from Newlyweds. It filled the sizable gap left since Anna Nicole departed the airwaves (I don't count the weird angled TrimSpa ads). But I have no excuse for sitting through the Variety show. Nick singing "Just the Two of us" with Kit from Knightrider should have been enough, but no. I endured Jessica channeling Dolly Parton (not much of a stretch- even her daddy has commented on Jess' ample frontyard) in a duet with Kenny Rogers. I am ashamed. My Dawson's Creek obsession was embarassing enough, but the first step is admitting you have a problem. Apparently I do.

In attempt to rid myself of all the bad wig imagery, I decided to watch some intellectually stimulating programs. I chose The Bible Codes and The Man Who Knew.

Now I know why so many people watched the sad N & J spectacle. It may make you cringe but at least it's not scary. With the exception of Jewel.


days of our freelance lives (a weekly update for the 9-5ish folk) 

and... this would be my view from the williamsburg bridge today.

view from the williamsburg bridge


much like someone we all know (cough. pfleegs.) i have a selective memory. so the fact that quentin tarantino was (seriously?) a guest judge on american idol last night... means nothing to me. i have already forgotten. much like some of the other craptastically creepy shit he does has also managed to slip my mind completely.

but what i do remember quite fondly is blood. squirting. gushing. exploding geysers of blood. caked up dried up oozy blood. and so in anticipation of tomorrow's (supposedly even better and bloodier) bloodbath kill bill 2, here is a great track from the first one:

bang bang (my baby shot me down) by nancy sinatra

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sunshine on my shoulders 

Damn...four boroughs in as many days. Not bad for these islanders. Tom and I took Jaco's advice and headed for some frogger at AMMI. I didn't get past the first level. I did rock the centipede however, 24443. Felt nice to post my initials again. Tom reliquished his extra tokens, but sadly they accidently fell in the potty. There I go flushing money down the toilet again. Caught a Captain Marvel serial in Red Grooms' Tut room and of course made a new flipbook. Christmas presents? Great interactive exhibits if you've got the patience to read the instructions. Check out Sodaplay, not to be confused with
sodafine, for something else to do with your hands, boys.

Tried to tie one on at Bohemia Biergarten, but it was closed. Well the doors were open but the lights were out and no one was to be seen. I'm ready for some patio action. Any takers?

up next on channel 7's "let's do this: weather watch": here comes the sun! 

it's gonna be 70 this weekend, and partly cloudy, perfect for patio surfing and drinking. here's bill with sports...thanks steve, we've got some great games this weekend! nick will attempt to break the world record and see just how many tennis shoes he can fit in his mouth in one night, jacquie will be couch hurdling and/or bowling, matt has some 'electrifying' events lined up for sure, and herr schiller will be hosting an ab workout session. hopefully we can all avoid any...um... 'snow skiing'...? the location of all events is pending. let's do this. yeah. back to you steve in the studio.


so am i just a dumbass and i've been able to post pictures this whole time? why yes, yes i am.


my gram is always telling me to run face first into her fist 

cause that's just the kind of cool ass lady she is. and today's her birthday. so even though she'll never ever see this - happy birthday gram!

only in new york 

in the deli i overheard some detectives interviewing some guy from across the street. apparently some old ladies got in a fight and one hit the other in the head with a hammer.

beware of seniors and the billy bridge.


forgive me franz. for i have sinned.
it has been 6 days since my last post about you.

click here to download the morgan geist remix of "take me out"

me, i prefer the album version. so i put that on there as well.
y tu? what do you think?

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dropping the kids off at the pool... 

etc. etc. more gross euphemisms here.
ok, so the name leaves a lot to be desired. but you must check out dropload.

holy crap it's fantastic. it's a file transfer site that lets you swap files up to 50 MB. for free. no ads. no strings. no spam. and much like glow in the dark markers - i don't know how or why it works and i don't want to. it's magic. and i love it.

no child porn allowed. sorry jac.

Morgen's Postal Numero Uno 

As for culture, I'm gonna be changing the oil on my motorcycle this Saturday and generally getting her ready for springtime, so if anyone wants to get their fingernails dirty, come to Margie's garage and join me for a cold and frosty!


Can I just say how much I love you guys...last night was great. My boy done good. Tom was surprised, I was relieved and hopefully everyone was pleasantly drunk by the end of it all.




Just saying what's up and happy birthday to Matt and Tomm.


in honor of tonight's festivities:

click here to download bill murray's poignant karaoke version of "more than this"

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happy birthday yesterday 

pretend i bought you this and this. ooooh. or this.

o karen o 

Introducing some gossip into the blog...The Daily News reports, "A Lowdown spy spotted the pair (Karen O and Spike Jonze) in full canoodle at the SoHo bar Pravda the other night." You'd think she'd break him in half.



blowing all the other kids away. at bowery ballroom. tonight and tomorrow.

blonde redhead
+ the secret machines

click here to download a track by each band. (i couldn't decide on old or new. so i went for short and sweet.)

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what do i have to decoupage an ashtray with all my ticket stubs or something? 

"We don't really have fans who follow us around. More like friends that we beg to come and see us," said Brandon, speaking of their tour for the new album. All three snorted at the notion of Secret Machine groupies. "Absurd," Mr. Garza said.

(click here to read the rest of this odd, and also strange, ny times article on the secret machines.)


saturday's homework assignment 

alright kids, we need to find a place that has a patio and margaritas, and let's sit on said patio and drink said margaritas. the only problem is that you guys are probably already outside and won't read this post. but if you do, let's do this.



check it and see. i got a fever of a hundred and three. how are my people, people?

check out the chicken!!! 

as a newbie, heres my first post. thanks for the support jac o.

this is the best site ever!!! check out the chicken and tell it what to do. tell em to break dance, watch tv, go to the bathroom, whatever.

tiled of all this shit 

are you people using my tiles for your desktops or what?!
my favorite is the jeff koons basketballs. get with it.

i'm off today 

hi, i'm here for the blog... :::silence::: oh, um, my name is nick, i was supposed to be here for the blog? i had an appointment or something? oh, this isn't like that? oh, well, can i leave a message for the blog? ok, great. just tell the blog i came by. thanks...

almost as good as the access hollywood tribute segment 

thurston moore wrote this nice little piece about kurt for the ny times. worth reading even for those of us who didn't ever feel the need to tattoo his likeness on our bodies.

misanthropic musings 

No explanations needed: Average Adam, The Swan and Con Rice.

days of our freelance lives (a weekly update for the 9-5ish folk) 

i think i'm gonna do some laundry and then go for a walk.


this mp3some is actually a 2some...

two lovely and sunshiney songs in honor of this lovely and sunshiney day.

click here to download both belle & sebastian's "i'm a cuckoo" and badly drawn boy's "the shining" as remixed by the lovely and sunshiney avalanches. set on repeat for full happy shiny cuckoo effect.

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exit poll 

forget ker-bush. the people have a right to know. who's video for "dark of the matinee" do you like better: franz ferdinand's or mine??

spring cleaning 

You know you'll never re-read that book weighing down the shelves and making visitors sneeze due to all the dustbunnies. Set it free! www.bookcrossing.com


We've got ourselves a blog!

Brownie Points 

You're all familiar with McSweeney's and the little pirate shop in San Fran. What I didn't know was that it fronts creative writing workshops for kids. Well, now they've built one in our neck of the woods and need volunteers. Works-both-ways inspiration.


not that it's the kind of show where you'll want to know all the words and sing along... and not that you'd even understand most of them anyway. but if you want to brush up on your blonde redhead before monday's =soldout= show at the bowery ballroom:

click here to download "elephant woman" from the new blonde redhead album misery is a butterfly

ps. elephant woman. gus van sant's elephant. elefant the band. white stripes elephant... what up with all the elephant love? it's like the big blog in the room that no one's talking about.

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Reading Rainbow - One to Chew on 

I've been m.i.a. the last three days, but for good reason -
One Hundred Years of Solitude. I couldn't put it down and the book even pervaded my dreams. Rarely do I sit down to read and be absolutely overwhelmed by the talent, imagination and depth of insight. I couldn't do justice here with a summary, so I'll just have to agree with the NY Times Book Review, "the first piece of literature since the Book of Genesis that should be required reading for the entire human race." Oprah better have some translators on hand, as she's placed this one in her book club. Quite a jump from Wally Lamb and Toni Morrison.

the life and times of henry kissinger 

"we are living in a period which in retrospect will undoubtedly appear to be one of the great revolutions in history. the self-sufficient nation-state is breaking down. no nation-not even the largest-can survive in isolation or realize its potentialities, material, political, or spiritual on its own...we of the WEST, who bequeathed the concept or nationalism to others, must summon the initiative and imagination to show the way to a new international order"

henry kissinger, 1961


new york --> glasgow = 313 plus taxes 

this email just landed in my box: "Are you available this weekend? Do you want to appear with Franz Ferdinand in a music ad? Are you over 16? Do you want to get paid to do this?" which is pretty much like asking me, hi, do you want a house on the amalfi coast, benicio del toro and a lifetime supply of vodka sodies? why yes, yes i do. i would kill and/or maim for the opportunity. thanks.

for art's sake 

Brooklyn Museum is having an open house on 4/17-18, celebrating it's new entrance: free admission, exhibits like a survey of contemporary artists in Brookyln, and free live music and cash bar on Sat. night.

blind music date with: the intelligence 

i like flavorpill. and flavorpill says: "slapdash lo-fi, drunken post-punk with striking couplets ("I'm not starving/ I'm not in the army") and cocksure indie struts... songwriting--equally informed by the Fall, Wire, and the Country Teasers--escapes the indie ghetto with smirking charm." sounds tasty to me.

the intelligence, saturday 9:30 @ pianos, $8


look i fucking love the coppolas as much as anyone. i'll shout it from the rooftops. each of them more brilliant than the next. blah blah blah (ps. have you seen CQ? roman is so not second unit.) but MoMA please. a sophia coppola retrospective?? girl only has two, albeit phenomenal, movies and a questionable short. lick the stars. kill the rats. there i spoiled it for you. this does not a retrospective make. although it would be a pretty sweet double feature...



looks like new beta band sounds pretty much like old beta band.
works for me.

click here to download "assessment" from upcoming album heroes to zeroes (release date: may 4)

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kinda like friendster, only on your mobile 

Social network, similar to friendster called dodgeball.social. You can add friends and keep track of your friends of friends, and also let people know where you are and find out where they are; i.e. I'm having a dirty at Pianos and want to let all my friends know where I am and to come join me...cause it's sad to drink dirties by yourself.


score. Asteroids (1979), Defender (1980), Frogger (1981), Galaxian (1979), Missile Command (1980), Ms. Pac-Man (1982), Space Invaders (1979), Space War (1978), Tempest (1981), and Tron (1982) at the AMMI (american museum of the moving image) through april 25. anyone wanna drop quarters and make flipbooks this weekend?


Reading Rainbow 

Bought it for the title, but whaddya know, some pretty snappy little short stories in there. By Geoff Dyer -- anybody know him? He sounds like my type.


it's your first daily dose of mp3, a la me.

today i have a theory:
the decemberists = sondre lerche + oasis
on a pirate ship, or course...

click here if you want to download this pretty ditty.

i'll be hosting them on my own website until this one steps up... i posted some download instructions on there. but each one will only be up for a day or so.

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this is your welcome mat 

ok. so we may be a little older. a little slower to the punch. and in need of a little more fiber. but we finally made our way into the blogosphere. yahoo. proud of us. and who knows, maybe soon we can even start like hanging out at pianos or something.


is labounty's birthday.


picture yourself in a boat on east river with skyscraper trees and eastern block skies. 

just so's ya know. we're still trying to upgrade this puppy to include image hosting. but for some reason that feature seems to be on hiatus right now. so in the meantime... picture if you will, in your mind's eye, the official blog logo as created by our very own eric "let's do this" pfleeger perched ironically atop the page. staring back at you with its kaleidoscope eyes.


late late late last night, i was begrudgingly dragged (ok driven) to the corner of bushwick ave and where the fuck am i street... only to find one of the coolest new gallery/music venue/hangout spaces. it's called asterisk* art project: a not-for-profit collaborative for emerging nyc artists and musicians. started by these two lovely (and incidentally really tall) brothers, aaron and cory, who were living in this dOpe loft space and decided to share.

there are two stages right now. one stage is in their living room. (yes, they still live there. and i bet sunday night movie night ain't half bad.) there's a giant projection screen, full PA system and lights, DJ booth, and bleacher-style giant steps built out from the walls. the other stage is in what probably used to be a brooklyn-size bedroom. and in between is the hall gallery with revolving live installations and a donation bar. the vibe is totally house party. minus kid n play. plus high ceilings, hotster roadies and debates on 24 hour party people, the movie.

there's also a swEEt back deck (that holds like 50 people) with it's own sound system and bar... hello spring! and someday soon they're planning to set up an outdoor stage on the roof. *oh yeah and they have a turtle. but i forgot to ask his name.


A Beautiful Colonoscopy Voyage  

I am the newest and oldest blogger on the block and therefore I have to tell you about my latest medical procedure. (One of a continuing series) On second thought, maybe I won't. I just want to say how happy I am to be blogging for the first time in my life, and O My Gawd, it is wonderful. Thank you for your kind thoughts and don't forget to set your clocks forward tonight.

Printed Matter voodoo 

Second time around for strange coincidences pointing towards Printed Matter. First was that troll girl, though I can't remember now the odd connection so it doesn't really make for a good story. But this I know...Last week I ordered Everything Illuminated and noticed Foer also has a book on Joseph Cornell, whom I'd completely forgotten about. I had always loved a piece of his called Object Roses des Vents which seemed to fall right into place with what I'm working on at the moment. Well, today I received an invite in the mail for a launch party for "Visits with Joseph Cornell" at the bookstore. I'm taking it as a sign, and if anyone wants to join me, it's April 8 5-7 at 535 W. 22nd St.


Misanthropic Musings 

This week's list of things that make me want to gouge my eyes out: the Dyson vacuum cleaner ads - he scares me; Jennifer Garner as a 13-year-old - she annoys me; this weather - which depresses me; Bob Dylan pushing Victoria's Secret - which is simply wrong.

days of our freelance lives (a weekly update for the 9-5ish folk) 

marlena is still the killer. pj is still a mormon. ellen is still a dancin machine.


less groping, more white belts 

franz will also be playing the following night - june 18 - at volume in prince williamsburg. don't know when these go on sale. anyone know who does their ticketing?

UPDATE: they're on sale now! buy them here. doors open at 10. the show starts at midnight. but don't worry it's on a friday you puss. and you may want to buy these quickly because julie g. reports that there's an article on them in the new nylon. and they've already been profiled in time mag and had the NME cover 3 times. (ok so they're media whores. but they're super fantastic media whores.) not to mention all the buzzzzz coming off the sxsw show that i may or may not have attended and been stage dove upon...

franz ferdinand franz ferdinand franz ferdinand 

in case you don't believe me, jac, or thom yorke... check them out for yourself @ webster hall. june 17. tickets go on sale tomorrow. and will probably sell out faaast. yes, webster hall sucks major ass. yes, you will probably be groped and cavity searched on the way in. and yes, the drinks cost like $82. see you there. i'll be the girl in the front row who looks like she's in the throws of an epileptic seizure.

Reading Rainbow 

The Confessions of Max Tivoli - reverse aging with a little Lolita thrown in. hmmm...wonder why that theme interests me? Oh, and the author is only 33. Hate that.


hey, so, like, what's up with you?

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