Supreme X Hirst 

Diamond loving Damien Hirst has gotten together with NYC's own Supreme for a collaboration on a series of skate decks. Available at your neighborhood supreme dealer this week.



My boy Lamb made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon the other night to set a world record. So dumb it's amazing.


Where The Wild Things Are 

The amazing trailer to the Spike Jonze film.

And a great article on the children's book author, Maurice Sendak.



Sorry, I know I should probably be posting about amazing acts I saw at SXSW but I just watched this video and this kid made me wish I was this articulate when I was 17 years old.



my week. *sxsw absentee edition* 

i'm going to try and get back on my regular schedule of 'my week' mondays, and before osman floods us with sxsw stories and photos, i'm gonna slip in a posting real quick. i had some leftover yen in my pocket from my last trip to mccarren park, so on wednesday i went down to the financial district to exchange it. this is the church just east of ground zero. in the background is one liberty street plaza, the building that i worked in cleaning computers in the months following 9-11. and that's another story altogether.

what are 'alcohol drugs'? and how are they destroying my life? follow jesus? read the bible? um...according to the bible, jesus miraculously made alcohol out of water. so aren't you sending mixed signals, pal? get your shit out of my face. i've got yen to exchange for american dollars. which i'm going to spend on more alcohol drugs. oh god, my life....

damien had a birthday on wednesday night, and since everyone skipped town for sxsw, no one showed up. :(

well, rafi showed up. and nate. and me. but sans pans. geezus. i thought i swore to myself (you all) that i (you all) would never see me in my underwear on this blog again. man. the things i wouldn't do for a laugh (free drink).

ooooooh, i see. well that explains all the hasids. jerusalem is the new williamsburg.

open caption contest:

see, jacquie and elisa? sherrod DOES exist. and on saturday, he showed up to damien's birthday party...at sugarland. hmm, i'm not helping my cause.

this guy needs to cheer up.

yesterday i was down under the manhattan bridge overpass.

and with stickers like this floating around, i don't know that i would take my kid to any dumbo playgrounds...

whatever, i'm sure all the riff-raff are behind bars...

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my week. *back again edition* 

it's been a while, but 'my week' is back by popular demand. and better than ever! jac had a b-day party.

and hers was magical. it had dead rubber chickens, and rainbows!!1

someone stole our thunder at 'pulled pork' last month.

it snowed.

shiny happy drunk tattoos.

secondsies friday art crawl in williamsburg. the critics were out in full force.

valentine's day rolled around, and ET found love.

lots of drag queens at sugarland.

only faile gets away with desecrating my beloved lou reed.

liz also had a birthday. here's her highness at b-day din din. happy birthday, liz!

guess we better get out while we can...

broadway and houston. don't you wanna climb these things?

not quite the sex bench, but c'mon, spring. we're ready.

all your space invaders are belong to us.

walking across the williamsburg bridge, i ran into puerto rico's version of hell's angels.

this is for all you kids that are going to sxsw. enjoy the week. and may you have only a few sit downs, but never a lie down.

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mattalow was on to something 


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well, i bet the run time would have been shorter. 

slate imagines what watchmen would have been like in the hands of some other notable directors. (woody, indeed.)

via death + taxes

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more JR in cambodia

via mark schil's twitter feed

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some recession we're having. 

i saw this on tv last night.


chasin rabbits 

big time.

thanks, towleroad.

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