camo on my beans. camo on my jeans. 

for part 1(ish) of my extended birthday weekend... a bunch of us braved the wesside winds and orange fur trappers to be part of a tim fite video (aka tim fitty viddy) for his new single - CAMOUFLAGE.

and it just came out today.

so don't blink or you might miss us, as we all rock fatigues:

then go here
to download the entire new album, over the counter culture. for FREE. cause that's how tim rolls. well, like that, and also in a camo-foamcore-hummer.

check out lots more of tim fite's bloodless brilliance on his official website and myspace page. and read more about tim's "impetus" over at brooklyn vegan.

= mp3some *bonus part 1*
(aw, that was almost exactly a year ago. happy fitty-versary kids.)

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