if everyone lived like me we'd need 6.3 planets 

find out how much of the earth's resources you're using.

1. recycle. paper (envelopes, magazines, newspapers, printed papers, toilet rolls, boxes, cereal cartons), cans, glass, plastics (with the #1 or #2 recycle logo on), milk cartons, juice cartons, wire hangers, pizza boxes, aluminum products and foil
don't recycle: deli boxes, lids, caps, plastic wrap, styrofoam, take out containers (unless they're foil or plastic #1 or #2)

2. switch to green energy. you get your energy and your bill from ConEd in the same way you always did, but however much energy you use is bought from an environmentally friendly source (wind, solar, hydroelectric). it costs about $15 a month more (2 vodka sodies).

3. say "i don't need a bag thanks" when you buy stuff. plastic bags are made from oil and natural gas (non-renewable resources) and the 240 years it takes for the bag to decompose in a landfill is a long time for that 2 min walk from the deli. even paper bags (made from a renewable resource and fully recyclable) take a lot of energy (2000BTUs) to produce (recylcling them takes more) and in the process, this adds pollutants to the atmosphere (causing smog, acid rain and adding to the greenhouse effect). you only have to reuse a tote bag 11x for it to have a lower environmental impact than disposable plastic bags.

4. buy green cleaning/laundry/washing products. phosphates in regular cleaners get flushed or drained into the water supply and act as fertilizers for algae which then cut off oxygen killing fish and other water organisms. they also contain lots of surfactants which break down into toxic substances and don't biodegrade polluting the water for long periods after their use.

5. eat organic food. it's not just healthier eating, it stops toxic pesticides and fertilizers that are used in conventional agriculture runining the water supply.

today's earth day. dig it.

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