Breathe a little easier. 

I just signed up for green electricity and it was such a pain in the ass that I realized that part of doing my bit was helping other people do it too. If you follow ConEd, it's complicated, but if you follow mattlow..badaboom, it's a piece of piss: bad, nasty, dirty, filthy, stinking energy into good, clean, renewable, healthy, green energy.

- It'll replace bad energy (oil, nuclear, coal) with good energy (wind, small hydro) on the grid.
- Each person who switches will save about 4,000lbs of carbon dioxide and 27lbs of sulfur dioxide a year being released into the atmosphere.
- Your service continues the same, it just means the grid will draw a little extra from good sources and a little less from bad.
- You still keep ConEd as your supplier, you still call them if you have a problem.
- It only takes 2 minutes to switch.
- It'll piss off Dick Cheney.

You don't actually get the green power delivered to your door (hence your service stays the same), you just replace the amount you use with green power coming into the grid. There are two options in New York.

OPTION 1. (you need your ConEd statement for this).
Sign up for ConEdSolutions, ConEd's green company.
You have to sign up for a year, and it's about 0.5c more per KWH (about $15 a month), though the rate I signed up for is lower than my usual rate, so go figure, it could save you money. Even though you personally won't have green energy oozing out of your sockets, for the amount of energy you use ConEd will draw the same amount from green sources.

OPTION 2. (the better option cos it's 100% wind generated).
Just buy units of wind power on your credit card from New Wind Energy.
You can buy as much as you want and it just replaces bad energy with good energy in the grid. If you bought what I used last month (300KWH) it'd cost $7.50 on top of your regular bill to buy the same units of wind power. I know it sounds weird, and it's kind of fucked up that it works this way in the first place, but it's not a donation, you're just paying for good energy to replace bad energy in the grid (it costs more to make good energy). There's no contract, you just buy when you want and what you want.

It won't cure cancer or end world hunger, but it'll make the world a little better.
You know it makes sense.

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