my week *say uncle, my love edition* 

it's been a busy couple of weeks for 'my week' since os-fest. not sure if everyone heard the news, but one of the manske boys is expecting. that's right, matt, the third manske boy is going to be a poppa. here are the proud parents to be. matthew and misket. pronounced missKET. junior is due sometime in september. congratulations!

we had pb&j's at the mercury for their 'first ever' live performance in the states. pb&j = peter, bjorn, and john. i was standing next to drew barrymore and her new lover for about thirty minutes. i just loved her in charlie's angels: full throttle. she's so great.

christine had a birthday party. happy b-day christine. SUPPLIES!

i went to the brooklyn museum to see the ron mueck exhibit. and look who i ran into!

margie and morgen were there too. but by the time i met up wtih them, photography was forbidden. here's a sample of ron mueck's work that i found on the 'intertubes'. thanks internets.

fashion week '07. my friend darrin took me to a show, which was really quite fun. the energy, the lights, the music, the applause from the crowd. it's like a sporting event or something, and everyone really gets into it. this isn't the best picture i have of the vanexiana vixens, but look at the crowd. the three guys three rows back were so super cheesy. and this picture really captures their queso quotient. and the big hair on the lady? work it, girl.

so nate finally got his xmas present from jacquie. now he's prepared to take over the world. starting with south america. jacquie threw a fine superbowl party. the food was amazing. and the game was not nearly as interesting as watching "I :::heart::: new york" on mtv.

as seen on previous LDT postings, natalie had a show of her photos from her volunteer trip to louisiana. the pics were beautiful, and the beer was icey cold. nice work, nat.

aaron has been hosting pre-game warmups at his apartment lately. here's mr. alden in his studio. in the most comfortable office chair known to man. and you can quote me on that.

aaRon has about fifty model airplanes suspended from his ceiling. it's a very cool idea, and it looks like WWIII going on in his studio every time i go down there.

on tuesday, we went to church, gave praise to the arcade fire, and listened to their stories from the good book. the neon bible. amazing show.

aaron and i had a lot of fun looking for love in all the wrong places on a snowy valentine's day. but as usual, it turned out pretty shitty in the end.


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