mp3some *bonus part 1* 

the i've downloaded way too much music recently edition.
these are some of my newer very favorites. for reals.
download (yousendit files) and enjoy:

tim fite :: a little bit
i've already told nick this song will be our sxsw anthem.

tim fite is a paradox tucked inside a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. things i know about him: all his samples come from records he found in the dollar bin. his bio claims he's one of the small number of babies born between 1975 and 1983 without any blood. his music sounds like the kind of magic you felt when you first heard beck.

tim fite's upcoming shows:
march 16 SXSW schubas day party @ yard dog gallery
march 17 SXSW showcase @ antone's

rahim :: 10,000 horses ::
aaaaand... now you love rahim too.

i have a few rahim tracks, but truth be told, i only needed to hear this one. i plan to see them play at sxsw. and to pick up their new album ideal lives at their april 6 record release party put on by our favorite cracker friends. in other accolades, they've been compared to fugazi and les savy fav live and oh my rockness big hearts them.

rahim's upcoming shows:
march 16 SXSW VICE day party @ victory grill
march 16 SXSW @ soho lounge
april 6 FRICTION @ rothko, along with foreign islands and the diggs (fucking awesome line-up nghia) buy advanced tickets

fiona apple :: tymps (the sick in the head song) ::
proving again, she never has to jump an octave or tug a heartstring to create a most moving, emotional song.

in spite of my normal "i hate girl singers" policy - i actually have a huge girl crush on fiona. i wore out my copy of tidal in college (uh, not quite in that porn sounding kind of way). since then, she's been doing some experimenting of her own - with lyrical structure, vocal rhythm and sound arrangement. and on new album extraordinary machine it all pays off in a beautiful carnival of sound. if you didn't already hear the free fiona fiasco - her record label had completely shelved the album (first recorded with producer jon brion) for two years, deeming it unmarketable... idiots.

(on a side note, that reminds me... anyone know what the fuck happened to paul thomas anderson? not a peep since punch drunk love...)

the liars :: the other side of mt. heart attack ::
clearly they've traded in the caffeinated post-punk of their first album for the other, more european, kind of "coffeeshop."

each liars album has been such a different experience. i loved their first oh-so-spazzy-and-clever one. i kinda dug the second witch-themed one, but didn't ever really get as into it. this one. i'm psyched. from the tracks i've heard so far this album is gonna bloom into something big... melodic yelps over sonic soundscapes. turns out moving to europe to get over karen o. must really agree with angus.

the raconteurs ::store bought bones ::
as brilliant and effortless as you would expect from the man in red (and white.)

the raconteurs is jack white's new band - with brendon benson, jack lawrence and patrick keeleryou. while there are still undercurrents of the blues-y stripes sound, "it's a whole new band - a dual attack with dual guitars, dual vocals, and dual songwriting." their debut album broken boy soldiers releases this may. only two tracks have leaked so far, this one and "steady as she goes." i can share or you can also hear both on the media section of their site. (either way you should definitely check out their DOS-esque website for a little journey back in computer time.) no word on a u.s. tour yet.

i haven't even made a dent.
more soon.


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