swsw (this might be the longest post ever) 

i'll be much further west (oregon to be exact) while all you kids are deep in heart of TX rocking out but i'll be thinking about you. i'm sure your schedule is PACKED OUT but here are a few suggestions. i'm not including all of my selects (that would take forever) just some of my favorites that you might have overlooked. my top pics are alaska!, goldenboy and hockey night. sure there are about 500 other amazing venues happening but still...

wed. 3/15 @ the velvet spade patio
goldenboy (not to be confused w/ the golden boys) is an incredible band. shon sullivan the lead singer was given the name "goldenboy" when he toured w/ elliott smith back in the day. elliott did backup for the song "summertime" which you can listen to on their myspace page. another song "for the winter long" is also pretty kick ass. to say shon, the lead singer, is gifted would be an understatement. matt sharp (formerly of weezer) joined the band for a while but not sure if he is still w/ them. shon and byran (yeah, thats really how they spell their names) are also the kids from moonwash.

and how convenient that they are playing w/ NY's very own hockey night!! three cheers for HN. i'm friends w/ paul the singer so if you go give him a big bear hug for me. check out what spin.com had to say about them.

thursday 3/16 @ Buffalo Billiards (201 E 6th St)
we all heart earlimart and how lovely that they are playng with the cloud room.

kevin devine (shaolin represent) is also playing on thursday. i would be surprised if he's on your list of shows to hit up but a girls gotta back her people up. he gets a hug too.

friday, 3/19 at 9:00 p.m.at austin music hall (208 Nueces St)
Alaska! is another wonderful LA band (part of the earlimart, goldspot, goldenboy music scene). these are only samples not whole songs of Alaska! the quality is poor but this band is def. creating interesting, new sounds. imaad wasif and russell pollard (formerly of sebadoh) also play in lou barlow's folk implosion.

i left off like 5 million other bands and now i need a nap...


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