sxsw 06 play by play | pregame 

ow owwww! so THE 2nd ANNUAL HERKIE AWARDS (with photos) are still in progress... but in the meantime, i'm gonna start off with a little quarter by quarter recap of our sxsw adventures.

first, a little inside-joke background. nick coined the term "champisky" at about 3:30 am wednesday night when we were standing in jacob's living room debating about whether we should raid his supply of whisky and champagne (and grandma's homemade tortillas). nick (who must have been body snatched that night) advised that maybe we should save it for tomorrow and call an end to the night - reminding us that we were "only in the first quarter of the game." thus launching a million football (and champisky) references for the rest of the weekend.


i'll spare you all the details but wristbands were a total bitch to get your hands on this year. especially because nick and i were sans car until wednesday afternoon. jacob had gotten one through a friend who works at the convention center. nick got one tuesday night after being alerted by an official sxsw text message about them releasing more. i went down to the convention center at 9:30 am wednesday morning to try my luck, but wound up having to beg badge holders in line to punch me one (yes it was as humiliating as it sounds.) i eventually found one on craiglist - thanks to jacob - which went to andrew. we got another wednesday afternoon through these awesome A&R friends of nick's brother. thank you thank you. and the last one though another text message alert wednesday night that there were 100 more on sale at venues stubb's and la zona rosa. whew.

as i'm sure you've heard everywhere, this was the most chaotic and hyped up sxsw yet. when jac and i first started going 4 years ago, the wristbands didn't sell out at all, and there were only a modest number of day parties, no invites necessary. this year just the DAY party list alone printed out at 30 pages, 10pt type, single spaced. and we had an entire email thread going with the crackers about all the rsvp/invite only parties around town that topped out around 70 emails.

but for the record, i have to say that unlike some other people's experiences we ran into down there, i really don't feel like we missed anything. i mean, of course we did. we missed ridiculous amounts of stuff. but we knew before we went that it was going to be impossible to do everything - to go to even a third of the parties we had rsvp-ed for, or get in to every showcase we wanted to see. and so we went in with that attitude. and we got into pretty much everything we wanted to - including sneaking into a badge only beastie boys show through the bathroom door and me bullshitting my way into the blender/VH1 party. and in the end, i can't think of a thing i would've done differently. even taking that cab to trudy's. ha. too bad nick.

this year's all-star players of SXSW 06 include:
me, jac, nick, andrew, jacob, elisa (and sis ingrid and crew), the killing fields (aka josh, matt and jeff), nghia, justin, theo, paul, christian, rebecca, robbie & piper (and crew), jac's brother todd and his wife dawn... who am i forgetting? and lots of cameos by other new york folk you know from around town.


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