please sign this petition on abortion 

Its only getting worse. i know that its hard to think that one signature on a petition can make a difference, but something has to be done. i don't want to wake up in 8 months and find that my rights are taken away. please sign.

The abortion ban signed in South Dakota two weeks ago was only the beginning. A similar bill is in the Mississippi legislature right now, and the governor of Mississippi, Haley Barbour, recently said if the abortion ban reaches his desk, he will sign it.

Act now: http://go.care2.com/e/Jeo/jy/QCNv

Ten more states have proposed criminalizing abortion, as well. We need to stop the dominoes from falling. You recently signed our petition to your governor to protest abortion bans - can you help us stand up for the women of Mississippi today? Send a message to Gov. Barbour: Do not sign this dangerous abortion ban: http://go.care2.com/e/Jeo/jy/QCNv

Extremists are open about their strategy: they think the time has come for them to complete their attack on a woman's freedoms.

They want to interfere with a woman's relationship with her medical professional, and roll back our basic reproductive rights. The pro-choice movement has asked them to join us in preventing unintended pregnancies through education and better access to birth control. They've ignored us.

Add your voice to the outcry to protect the women of Mississippi from a dangerous ban. Tell Gov. Barbour that Americans do not support any bans on the right to choose!

And once you've taken action, please be sure to tell your friends about this dangerous new development. Tons of people who have never been involved are joining the fight now. A lot of us thought it couldn't happen, but it is happening. There is no room for complacency anymore.

Thank you for standing up for a woman's right to choose!

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