my week. 

Boy, are y'all in for a treat this week. There are a couple special things about this 'my week'. First, there is a special guest host: Me. Secondly, it covers two full weeks. Because Barbara (thanks Nick!), Randy and I all took our first trip to Europe! So let's stop the yappin' and start the foreign! I started off in Berlin. Snowy Berlin.

Before I even saw my hostel room, I went on a four hour walking tour. Probably would have been shorter if we didn't have to walk around some stupid wall that was in the way.

My first evening, I met up with Nick's old roommate and friend, Caeriel. And his satanic dog, Eli.

We went to a party, where I met two other guys, Hendrik and Ringo, who I became friends with and hung out with every night. And put fire nets over our faces.

One night, we went to a party called 'Black Girls Coalition' but it was shut down by the polizei. So afterwards, we went to an underground bar. Literally.

Nothing cures a hangover like "the best currywurst in Berlin."

Berlin was amazing for so many reasons. I saw tons of sites, like the dome at the Reichstag...

...tons of museums, like the Jewish History Museum...

...and saw an old friend and made new ones.

After Berlin, I went to Amsterdam. I was surprised to find more than pot and prostitutes. First I found Nemo.

Then I found out Amsterdam is phallic.

Very phallic.

I even found Jesus.

And finally, among other things in the Torture Museum, I found Jacquie's anal pear. Use your imagination of how it was used.

Finally, I took a short flight to London for a little work. At which I met no other than one of our very own L-D-Ters...Josh! He was pretty in pink.

We drank a lot and went to gay bars.

We also found out who to talk to now for all our paper and printing needs.

And Matt Low, hold your ears. But Brits really are quite queer. Not only do they throw white boxes in the Tate Museum and call it art...

...but they're also celebrating 50 years of mansize strength. For all those manly noses out there.

And on our last night there, after scalping two tickets, we saw Ladytron.

Annnnd...that's hardly it. But that's it for this special, longer than normal edition of 'my week.' You can find many more pictures of several museums, sites, memorials, and fun (even a Randy sighting!) here. Barbara, Randy and I had an amazing time and are already thinking about where we want to go next. Next week, we'll return to our regularly scheduled 'my week.' Ciao!


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