the CMJ edition.

yeah there's a shitload of bands worth seeing this weekend. but you can look plenty of other places for that. this post's gonna be entirely selfish. i'm just trying to recruit people to come with me to see the bands i wanna see:

friday 12am @ 169 bar

yup they sound a lot like radiohead or even muse without the melodrama. but that's exactly why i like em. pretty pretty. dreamy dreamy. they're from michigan. they love clinic, beta band, wilco and radiohead (obviously). they're playing at 169 bar tomorrow at midnight. i think it's gonna sound amazing live. and i intend to go pretend i'm really stoned and sway around a lot.
smallspace :: loose ends ::
smallspace :: right here ::

you can also listen the rest of their album, no matter, on their website. (props to central village for sharing)

tonight 11pm @ scenic - with foreign born / natural history / joggers / tom vek (sold out)
friday 7pm @ tribeca rock club - loose records party with voxtrot / chin up chin up / the cribs ($8)

i've already pimped them enough. but they're great live. and if you're lucky, the singer may be so drunk he decides to grease up his hair with a little of his beer... again. this track is from an upcoming album. so you don't have it yet nick, download.
dios (malos) :: feels good being somebody else ::

tonight 12am @ scenic - see above (sold out)
saturday 12am @ tribeca grand - FREE rsvp here

if you've been to dark room, misshapes or orchard bar in the last six months you've heard this. and liked it.
tom vek :: i ain't saying my goodbyes ::

friday 12am @ tribeca grand - FREE rsvp here

dope. dope dope. seriously. just dope. i love this song.
hot chip :: keep fallin' ::

that's all i could post on my server for now...
there are tons of other people i'd like to / am going to see (e.g. cloud cult, voxtrot, chin up chin up, the joggers, the cribs, we are scientists...) email me if you want some more tracks.

who are you going to see?

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