my week. lasts forever. 

those of us at 'my week' apologize for the lack of postings lately. but we've been hard at work on a very special edition that we think you all will enjoy. next monday, it will return to its regularly scheduled slot.

this very special edition of 'my week' is dedicated to MR. SCHILLER. i've had the honor of photographing mr. schiller at countless events over the years. and because of hia busy work schedule, weekly getaways to the connecticut wilderness, and sporadic social life, he's one of the toughest celebrities for the paparazzi to capture. however, fortunately for us here at 'let's-do-this', he goes to a lot of the same parties that we attend, and barbara is quick on the draw (barbara is the name of my camera). so without further ado, 'my week' is proud to present: schiller in pictures.

we begin at alex dixie's surprise 30th birthday party, where i was lucky enough to get an autograph.

we continue on to PS1, where a crazed fan was allowed to get a little too close to the uber-celebrity.

tom and his wife, jacque, are hounded by fans at every turn, even on a city bus. so in this instance, they've resorted to using disguises to hide from adoring fans.

here is the lovely couple at a recent gala celebrating the release of a biography about mr. schiller.

at the event there was a viewing of some of his short films, as well as the movie "nothing lasts forever", which he wrote and directed. here is tom in a question and answer session following the movie, explaining to the captive audience that writing and directing is a serious business. seriously. no joke. honest.

this is tom's classic move: the ole' "distract and slip". in this move, tom tells the person who he has zero interest in listening to, "oh wow! look over there!", and when the person looks, tom slips away from the boring conversation, unseen. ladies and gentlemen, tom has left the building. tom...has left the building.


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