if lovin' the guadalupe is wrong, i don't wanna be right. 

i've come to a few conclusions over this past week while i was down in austin with jac, nick, matt, nat and bret* for the ACL festival:

#1 - 108 may not win for best temperature, but it doesn't really matter when you have ice cubes in your bra and you're watching the arcade fire**.

#2 - there will be thousands upon thousands of photos of filthy feet posted on flickr this week.

#3 - you don't have to smoke cigarettes to get the black lung disease.

#4 - whoever you're looking for will inevitably be near the beer mug flag... no wait, 15 people in front of the whataburger... right there, just to the left of spongebob and the easter egg looking thing... don't you see them?

#5 - jacque has a new career ahead of her as a sign language interpreter for franz ferdinand. she's also the best target for practicing throwing pistachio shells.

#6 - much like heroin, queso can be addictive even the first time you try it. just ask matt.

#7 - i need to work on my spittakes, bret is the master. seriously, the master.

#8 - you should never forget to coordinate what you're wearing with your friends. this is very important. otherwise you might wind up wearing completely different colored shirts and not matching at all. and what fun would that be? i mean, who's gonna bother taking pictures of you posing on the hood of a bright yellow car if you're not wearing your matching green striped polo shirts?

#9 - there are people who will wear their ACL 05 wristbands all year long, just to do it. but thankfully, none of my friends will be those people.

#10 - jumping in with a noodle and tecate is nice. but cruising with a tube and a bullet is divine.***

*matt's not very good at keeping surprises.

**coldplay loves the arcade fire. a lot. and they'll tell you so. a lot.

***ok ok, let's not argue. next time we'll just have to do both.

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