my week. 

we start off on labor day, where i played a friendly game of chicago-style softball, or as they call it at our family reunions in dobbin, texas: "cabbageball".

all eyes were on the prize...

this chick wanted to play, but we were afraid she'd bite our heads off is she lost.

last saturday night, the paparazzi caught matt low and lily cutting the rug at 119 bar. scandalous.

lily's feet started hurting from dancing so much in those hot gold heels, so sean swooped in and saved the day with a well-timed piggyback ride.

eat pocho's. i don't know what they are, what makes them honduras' finest, nor do i remember taking this photo...but just eat 'em.

next week, you'll see team freelance's adventures from beautiful austin, texas, and the ACL festival!


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