recycling brain cells 

It was not my finest hour. Nor was it Nick and Jessica's. I will admit to deriving a certain amount of pleasure from Newlyweds. It filled the sizable gap left since Anna Nicole departed the airwaves (I don't count the weird angled TrimSpa ads). But I have no excuse for sitting through the Variety show. Nick singing "Just the Two of us" with Kit from Knightrider should have been enough, but no. I endured Jessica channeling Dolly Parton (not much of a stretch- even her daddy has commented on Jess' ample frontyard) in a duet with Kenny Rogers. I am ashamed. My Dawson's Creek obsession was embarassing enough, but the first step is admitting you have a problem. Apparently I do.

In attempt to rid myself of all the bad wig imagery, I decided to watch some intellectually stimulating programs. I chose The Bible Codes and The Man Who Knew.

Now I know why so many people watched the sad N & J spectacle. It may make you cringe but at least it's not scary. With the exception of Jewel.

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