I've been down and out with a migraine brought on by my teeth whitening which was supposed to be my stop-smoking incentive but since it actually hit a nerve in my tooth has become a cause for pain-killers. how's that for vice-swapping?

saturday night i was quite excited to see matt was celebrating on my side of town, a chance to show off the hood. jac and i sat outside at bivio and enjoyed the lovely weather, tasty tapas and men in leather. Oh, and some crazy man who wanders the neighborhood dressed as a terrorist. So far, not so good. We walked over to west, which jac was pleased to find not a 30 minute trip but practically around the corner - this made up for the chaps. Music was good, everyone happy, happy until we went to passerby. should have passed it by because the ABSOLUTE worst DJ in the entire world was spinning. or rather i should say playing with sound effect buttons like "bomb" and "machine gun". hello 1987! but the fun didn't end there, he's apparently a fan of turning the volume up and down repeatedly. the sad part is some patrons were actually dancing to this shit- reason behind cabaret laws. the talk had been of karma all night, and i paid for shooting him dirty looks the next day. just in time for the dentist. i'm a smart one i tell you.

looks like it's back to the L.E.S.

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