brooklyn down 

well now that our apartment search has concluded, nate and i are going shopping tonight for denim, trucker hats, pumas, and facial hair implants (seeing that neither of us can grow the proper facial hair). we found a place at bedford and south 8th (very near my new york city birthplace (thanks sean!)). it's only one stop from the LES on the JMZ. now when we go out we won't spend too much time without drink in hand, if we don't smuggle drinks on the train, which has been done before believe you me. the place is roomy, if you find a cereal box roomy. actually the rooms are big, but the livingroom (i use this word lightly...) leaves much to be desired. but we'll still find a way to fit everyone in there for our open house party, which should be following our may 1st move-in date. stay tuned for those details...

does it seem like i write the longest posts on here or is it just me? oh, one more thing, we're gonna need furniture, lights, etc. we're gonna style it real dope-like. anyone have any suggestions for cheap, cool furniture places, let me know.

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