sunshine on my shoulders 

Damn...four boroughs in as many days. Not bad for these islanders. Tom and I took Jaco's advice and headed for some frogger at AMMI. I didn't get past the first level. I did rock the centipede however, 24443. Felt nice to post my initials again. Tom reliquished his extra tokens, but sadly they accidently fell in the potty. There I go flushing money down the toilet again. Caught a Captain Marvel serial in Red Grooms' Tut room and of course made a new flipbook. Christmas presents? Great interactive exhibits if you've got the patience to read the instructions. Check out Sodaplay, not to be confused with
sodafine, for something else to do with your hands, boys.

Tried to tie one on at Bohemia Biergarten, but it was closed. Well the doors were open but the lights were out and no one was to be seen. I'm ready for some patio action. Any takers?

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