late late late last night, i was begrudgingly dragged (ok driven) to the corner of bushwick ave and where the fuck am i street... only to find one of the coolest new gallery/music venue/hangout spaces. it's called asterisk* art project: a not-for-profit collaborative for emerging nyc artists and musicians. started by these two lovely (and incidentally really tall) brothers, aaron and cory, who were living in this dOpe loft space and decided to share.

there are two stages right now. one stage is in their living room. (yes, they still live there. and i bet sunday night movie night ain't half bad.) there's a giant projection screen, full PA system and lights, DJ booth, and bleacher-style giant steps built out from the walls. the other stage is in what probably used to be a brooklyn-size bedroom. and in between is the hall gallery with revolving live installations and a donation bar. the vibe is totally house party. minus kid n play. plus high ceilings, hotster roadies and debates on 24 hour party people, the movie.

there's also a swEEt back deck (that holds like 50 people) with it's own sound system and bar... hello spring! and someday soon they're planning to set up an outdoor stage on the roof. *oh yeah and they have a turtle. but i forgot to ask his name.

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