the final countdown... is over. 

so as not to spoil anything for those of you who haven't seen the last few episodes or (gob help you) haven't started watching the (best, smartest, funniest, most adult diaper worthy) series yet... i'll leave you with this plot teaser:

"a season fraught with betrayal, magic tricks gone awry, malfunctioning Japanese jet packs, a rare hair plug disorder, a gorgeous British girl hiding a secret, Justine Bateman and Scott Baio's triumphant return to broadcast television, dead turtles, fake comas, a Christian magic show in Baghdad, and the final, shocking revelation of who was behind the Bluth hardships from the beginning." - DVD Verdict

and a list of searchable show "keywords" according to amazon.com, (amended by me for some accidental oversights):

Fake Documentary | Orange County California | Handheld Camera | Narration | Dysfunctional Family | Identical Twins | Self Referential | Crooked Businessman | Banana Stand | Stair Car | Hop Ons | Blue Man Group | Cousins in Love | Chicken Dance | Seals In Bowties | Analrapist | George Bush Hates Black Puppets | Cornballer | Segway | Mentally Retarded Female | Never Nude | Save Our Bluths | Annyong!

out today on DVD

258 minutes of heaven

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