grunge and k-holes are making a comeback 

basically... 90s music. "ultimate dance party vol. 2" Take all American trends that are considered "out" Adidas windpants, X-Files t-shirts with "The Truth is Out There," JNCO, and Doc Martens and now picture hipsters trying to recreate awkward school dances and you aren't even close to realizing how cool the 90's or this party will be. yes. never ironic, because sandra actually listens to "more and more" like, all day while she's at the gym. expect: soul asylum. la bouche. stone temple pilots. blackstreet. des'ree. tripping daisy. [thank Ju-On's BF for that]

Tomorrow night and then every other Thursday after that (The Thursdays in between will be my goth night but I'm not sure how many of you on here listen to industrial and techno minimal, but worth a mention if you want to see me all in black with eye-liner doing the "Coffin")

guest "spin doctor": josh [from the now-defunct orchard bar]

SOCIAL LUBE drink special open bar before midnight!

sandra [your lady love]
andrew [puts the HUNK in chunks]
sheal [rice paddles]
302 broome
21+ [strictly enforced because Sheal don't have a phone so she can't sneak your jailbait trick in]

don't bring your fake id, no naked whores, and i promise "I'll make love to you."

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