my week. 

two weekends ago, the paris' burned out of town. but not before leaving their mark on the city. i'm not sure who i'm going to watch cowboys games with every sunday, or who jacquie is going to bird call with. but they're going to be missed.

natalie has decided that a birthday is no longer enough, she likes to celebrate for an entire week. so happy birthweek natalie! here she is on tuesday of her birthweek, opening a pack of camera.

on friday, we went to a free hot chip show at the south street seaport. they showed us how we breakdown.

and i found myself.

saturday, eve 'n i went down to coney island. codeword 'dragonfly'.

we rocked the boat. this is that pirate ship ride that goes really high, and makes you get real seasick.

look! next to the dip! it's a bird! it's a plane! no, it's flattened...rolled...pretzel girl...or something. eve stop playing with your food...


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