Monica's 27th Birthday Party (and Millions of Dollars Piggybacks for a Second Chance at Turning 21!) 

Strength in Numbers…
2 - number of girls who will be seen celebrating of their departures from the womb

27 - the number of years Monix will have graced the Earth with her cheer; also a prime number year for the little tart, which means good luck!

21 - the number Erin won't have to lie about anymore

1 - besides the concept of existence and the loneliest number, the date our celebration will take place

9 - the number of the month and the hour past noon of the soiree

6 - the day of the week of the party

213 - the address

8 - the street - the name of the venue, codified as a=1, etc.

1,000,000 - number of one dollar bills Erin flails around in every night before bedtime

answers will appear in the next edition of "american birthdays"

last issues answers:
ox tail soup
never on tuesdays

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