my week. *rock 'n roll edition* 

this week's edition revolves mostly around 'rock band' the video game, and actual rock bands. a few weeks ago, we saw 'the trannies'! they were looking 'fierce', live from nate's bedroom.

"look to the camera and give us your gayest look."

after osman got back from seeing all the rock bands at sxsw, she made an overtime rally and went with me to see 'el guincho' at union pool. he bangs on his little drum and twiddles with knobs all the while singing along to sampled sounds and beats. he creates a really unique latin sound that's great to dance to. i'm listening to him now and it's really upbeat and happy. perfect for spring! maybe blogger maid could post some mp3somes...

last monday, nate signed us up for a gay dodgeball tournament. there are too many jokes to be made just from that one sentence...but seriously, it was fucking awesome! this is half of our team (yet to be named), and we made it all the way to that night's championship game, where we got our asses handed to us by last year's champs. and yes, that's an actual bloody nose from getting hit by a dodgeball.

then on to the main event of this week's edition: pretty little alice and her 'crystal castles'. here she is serenading me in all her strobe lit glory. they are currently on constant rotation on my ipod, and they put on two amazing shows this past week. we determined that after elisa left, i was the oldest paying customer at an all-ages studio b show on tuesday. yikes. jailbait, indeed. but on wednesday, i fit right in with all the thirty-somethings at the friction show at the mercury. BIG-TIME thanks to nghia and the friction gang for working it out and getting us in. it was very much appreciated, and congrats on another successful party. THANK YOU!

here's alice at studio b, singing my favorite song, 'black panther'. well actually, 'air war' may be my fave, but this is the best song that i caught on video, because i was dancing too hard to 'air war'.

on friday, at the american museum of natural history, simian mobile disco beamed me up to the planetarium.

on saturday afternoon, in between games of halo, nate and i wandered around williamsburg, checked out some galleries, and had brunch. this could've been the best art we saw all day (aside from a certain book in spoonbill...ahem...). oh, and god bless 'merica.

on sunday at serimony, karen's store, one of her employees and i collaborated on an art installation. luckily i captured it, as i'm sure it's been taken down by now. i call it 'ocd selibration', or 'let's annoy karen'.

then on sunday, it was off to see 'the boredoms' at terminal 5. wow. if the brooklyn bridge sounded the way that they looked, and if they looked like the brooklyn bridge sounds, this is what they would look like. if you can figure that out, explain it to me.


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