my week. *springles edition* 

open up and say 'aaah'.

another view of my pretty bridge.

being a part-time dogwalker one of the most unique jobs i've ever had. you have to be prepared for anything, it requires exTREME patience, and i'm utterly fatigued by the time my day is over. not that i've had any experience, but i imagine it being like a teacher of kindergarteners. the similarities are endless, as there are trouble makers that make you want to kick them, then there are the sweet obedient angels whom you lavish with treats and praise. while kids beat up each other for their lunch money, some dogs get possessive over treats. you've heard of playing doctor at recess? one of my dogs makes weird humping motions when i'm putting on his leash. we all know that some kids eat glue or boogers. well poor cooper here, a puppy, likes to eat poop. he now has a parasite. hmmm, go figure. anyway, he's real cute, but he is NOT our pet of the week...

in honor of NYC being the holiest place on the planet a few weeks ago, james call of 'the missing teens' broke out an appropriate costume for the stage. all in honor of his holiness.

cherry blossoms are poppin' out all over at the brooklyn botanical gardens.

and no cherry poppin' is complete without a visit to fay leshner and the sex bench...

you've all heard of the dramatic chipmunk? well say 'hello' to the dramatic Cucumber! dun dun duuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! she is a white, lop eared bunny, and in honor of spring, she is most certainly our pet of the week.

walking around dumbo on sunday, i ran into this art on a big wall under the manhattan bridge. all of the colors are sampled from organic veggies. or something like that.

this weekend, while in downtown brooklyn, i noticed a new addition to court street: a big blue pig standing on the sidewalk, guarding a new fast food restaurant. it's smack-dab in the middle of my dogwalking route, and being that it's brand new, i was curious to see how my dogs would react to it. so far, the little dogs don't pay it any attention. however, the bigger dogs are a little more mindful of it. rufus (pictured) was pretty curious, and sniffed at it verrrrrrry cautiously. dante, the huge german shepherd of previous LTD fame, provided the most entertainment. the 80-pound german shepherd spotted it, and immediately lunged and barked as if he were a police dog going after a crook. i don't think the passersby were very amused, and the scene may have caused a pacemaker or two to skip a beat. ah, anything for a laugh on a rainy monday...

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