the *it's my friday* edition.


cut copy was one of my favorite shows at sxsw this year. at their best, they channeled new order... at their worst, a dancier voxtrot. their live set even made me revisit their last album with a new perspective. so here are two of my favorite friday-friendly tracks, one old, one new.

cut copy :: autobahn music box :: from bright like neon love
cut copy :: far away :: from in ghost colours
(since i already put my favorite track from this album on my muxtape. i went for the most sunshiney, aka gina's jam.)


lykke li was one of my sxsw regrets. as in, i missed seeing her even though she played like 8 shows. at the time, i hadn't really heard much of her stuff. but lately, her album has become part of my regular rotation. it's fun, sweet, poppy, nothing life changing. but bonus points for being swedish. above is her new video for "i'm good, i'm gone." below is a link to that song, and another one i really lykke. (sorry had to)

lykke li :: i'm good. i'm gone. ::
lykke li :: let it fall ::


despite the daft involvement, i'm not that into sexuality, the newish album from sebastian tellier. but i am a pretty big fan of this song and this video. and it feels appropriately sunny for today. like a sunny day makeout in the park. or... something. fay leshner? enjoy.

sebastian tellier :: divine ::

(sorry these may not be that new really. i'm catching up!)

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