my week. *sunset edition...or is it sunrise?* 

when was the last time anyone played tiddly winks? it's been probably twenty years since i've played, and in my first game back since twiddly retirement, i scored the highest score possible: 345.

reed was housesitting for a friend and he had to take care of a couple of dogs. they're called king charles spaniels, and i forget their names. they're both boys, but they act like total bitches. they barked at me when i first walked in, and wouldn't let me pet them. unfortunately, these are our pets of the week.

yes, halloween has come and gone, but on saturday, reed and i went to a wig party. here's reed doing his best 'information society' impersonation. you don't remember 'information society'? i didn't either. they had a song called 'what's on your mind (pure energy)'. look 'em up, and you'll be caught on that song aaaaaaaaall fucking day.

as seen in previous posts, fellow LDTer, kathleen, is going to thailand for six-months. she had her going away party in wburg, at this cool little hole-in-the-wall across from atlas. best of luck to you, k-rat. we can't wait for stories.

i can't remember the last time i had a heaping bowl of good friends.

so we move on to thanksgiving night...

the swedes, victor and nanna, basically have a revolving door in their apartment, and there's always someone visiting from stockholme. if they don't learn a damn thing while in new york, at least they all go back knowing what jersey juice is.

too many sunrises were seen this past week. that needs to stop. immediately.


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