my week. *halloweenthon edition* 

a few weeks ago, 'my week' was in austin, tx to visit nephew theo. here he is with pacifier.

same pacifier, different mouth.

see more pictures of precious theo and the proud parents, here:
Theodore Leaf Lee-Manske

so halloween rolled around. hey look, there's peter parker. and axl rose!

speaking of rockstars: tight pants, braids, aviators? who else could it be? it's LDT's/austin's most incessantly hyped band member, aaron from ghostland observatory! get that kid a mic!

a pig 'n a mexican blanket. and a crow that'll eat your fuckin' eye out, man.

told you.

on sunday, the marathon came into town, and right past our little apartment at south 8th and bedford. it started at just after ten in the morning, so you know what that means...DRUNK BY NOON!

our very own karen z ran the marathon in just over four hours. and as she said, she beat katie holmes by an hour! karen, this one's for you. congratulations! hope you could feel the cheers. both kinds.

twenty people can really trash a williamsburg apartment. good thing i wasn't around for clean up...thanks, nate.

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