fat teens can't hunt 

A new reality TV series titled ‘Fat Teens Can’t Hunt’ is airing across the pond. The premise of the show? Exactly what it sounds like: fat teenagers are forced to survive in ‘middle-of-nowhere’ Australia with Aboriginal communities and hunt for their own food. I laughed out loud thinking that it was some kind of joke that somone thought up in response to how much weight people lose on ‘Survivor’. It sounds absolutely ridiculous (and it should), but the show is real!

Based on an existing popular reality series ‘Fat Men Can’t Hunt’ already airing in the UK, the show’s producer Endemol (the producers that brought us Big Brother) says that it is aimed at “helping overweight children tackle overeating”. Yeah, sure… by starving them! It’s true that Britain has the highest number of overweight and obese teenagers in Europe and maybe they think that by creating shows like this one they are ‘dealing’ with their obesity problem.

The British media clearly doesn’t understand that the obesity problem is not going to go away just like that; inevitably, these teenagers will likely go back to their old habits once the show’s over. And then what will they have learned, how to develop an eating disorder? Get the picture? Oh and if that isn't enough they recruited for the show via myspace.

Read more about the show Here.

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