my week. 

last week, reed and karrie invited me to pianos to see their friends' band from austin called 'the black'. not to be confused with 'the blacks', from california, of recent LDT fame. anyway, upon arriving at pianos, i discovered that yamal, a guy that graduated with my brother matt, plays drums for them. small world. they're really good, and sound a little bit like frank black and the catholics. which is perhaps why i like 'em.

on wednesday, nate and josh invited me to their agency's ten-year anniversary party. they had a double dose of hangovers.

i didn't really know anyone, so i just tried to blend in as best i could.

thursday rolled around, and i had no business being out. but i had to go support the 'the black' at union pool. afterwards, we rolled over to clems, where jeff 'unwieldy' cox sipped from the skull.

andrew and a few of his favorite things: jesus and little boys.

hey reed, your ear candle is on fire. no, really. you ever heard of q-tips, buddy?

brooklyn at dusk.

last night we had dinner with a well hungover birthday girl in the east village. cheer up, nanners. it's your birthday! happy birthday, brickman.

then it was on to webster, where broken social scene played and played and played and played and played and played and.....


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