my week. *the lone star state edition* 

if you hung out with nick at all this past weekend, you probably noticed you had a lot fewer flash-induced blind spots. that's because he was kind enough to let me borrow Barbara for my 4-day trip home to Austin, Tex-Ass (not to be confused with Canada). The weather was pretty un-Austin-like, with almost constant cloud cover. If you've been to Austin, you know nice weather is key.

i went home because i love austin in the summer. and also because i wanted to be there one more time before Theodore Manske makes his grand entrance. er...exit.

happy father's day, matt! happy birthday, misket!

and of course, happy father's day, dad. but, um..."plugs the leaks?" maybe hallmark was trying to cram father's day and gay pride month all into one card.

even though the weather was less than cooperative, i didn't let it stop me from going to Lake Travis. Where you're not supposed to have beer. The kind parking attendant just told us to cover it up with something. Hence, the "brand hiders" my friend Rafael is displaying.

one thing i don't miss about texas? fire ants. especially when they eat my harvest cheddar sun chips.

at the lake, we were trying to figure out what to do later that night. but figured we'd cross that bridge when we got to it.

after gaying it up saturday night with my friends rafael (the brand hider model above), chris, and jamie, we did what any respectable austinite does at 3:12am. Go to Kerbey Lane Cafe for some breakfast tacos.

my last day there, the sun finally decided to stop hiding. i took advantage.

i packed a whole lot into four days. for the rest of the story, including babies, botanical gardens, dead flies, golf cart adventures, more animals, friends, and family, take a look-see. oh yeah, and gertie (although no longer a puppy) says hi.

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