my week. 

another week, another show at trash bar. james call of 'the missing teens' shows us how it's done. in style.

in addition to my myspace page, you can find more personal information about me on any street corner in new york city. but this information doesn't change after a night out.

on friday night we went to annex, and then 'angels and kings', and then back to annex, and then to get pizza, then back to annex. annex three times in one night is three times the fun. at AK we saw miss ultragrrrl spinnin' her stuff. nate and i got autographs.

on saturday night we went to see a puppet show at st. ann's theater in DUMBO. the plays were ok, maybe too much performance art. but the puppets were really cool.

why are you so pretty, new york city?

hey guys, i have a great idea. after the play, let's go to the max fish. elisa and rookie LDT'er gavin say 'ok'.

barbara met barbie. and the rockers.

i call this one 'bumble bees over grass'.


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