my week. *families are for sharing edition* 

I just spent 10 days with my 'Kansas' family in California, where I overdosed on cute.

First, I went to my cousin Hana's high school graduation, my first one ever.

And then I went to Yosemite, my first national park ever. I saw snakes and bears and deer and rocks and a pole marten.

I went with my sister, Kate, my brother-in-law, Dave, and my now-i-want-one-too niece, Mia.

And then we stopped off at Mono Lake where we had some fun with the flies whose pupae were eaten by the Kutzadika indians (their name means flyeaters in Kutzadika indian language).

And then we went to Lake Tahoe, the second deepest lake in the America, where 335,000,000 gallons of water evaporate every single day

and we met up with Mah Mah.

And then we hung out by the pool, where my other cousin, Emma, learned to do backward dives.

You can get to know the low family in a *whole* lot more detail here. Now I've purged all over you, who's got the blow?

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