my week. *meat week edition* 

since i last posted on wednesday of last week, this is a short week. we're going to start off on thursday, when josh invited us to the parra show at reed space. parra's stuff is really cool, though the space was really hot. dirty was there too.

the new loafer. by nike.

on saturday, madison square park held the annual bar-b-q block party. the salt lick gives us the most fabulous hook-up every year, and this year was no different. now we get to the meat of the matter...

while in nyc between trips to toronto, chicago, montreal, lousiville, and los angeles, matthewlow.com took a moment while he was in town for twenty minutes to enjoy a sammich.

we were so pleased to meat, that we went back on sunday.

go on in.

now that's some drrrty sausage.

and we had a special guest star. please, no autorgaphs. and absolutely no photos. remember kids, nothing lasts forever. especially the bar-b-q. adios salt lick, until next year. thanks for the hook-up!

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