You are weak. It is useless to resist. 

"Star Wars" I know, it hurts to even see it printed again. It's everywhere. So I'll keep it short.

Nick and I are going to see it tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon. I'll post exactly what time later on, so you can buy your ticket and join if you want. But at least the reviews are good this time.

Also, you can challenge Darth Vader here. Think of any object in your mind (he doesn't do dirty. I already tried), and he'll guess what it is. It's pretty much 20 questions.

Plus, an added perk (for me anyway). The new Fantastic Four trailer will be attached. I've already seen it, of course. It still only looks "okay." Oh well. They can't all be Spider-Man and X-Men.

Okay, enough geekness for one post. Or month. Or year.

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