the catchy as herpes hip-pop edition:

gorillaz ::feel good, inc.::
from the new album demon days

this song is goodness. and it's stuck in my head right now. i saw gorillaz play in scotland once... although i didn't actually see them because they carried through on the whole cartoon band concept and played behind a screen running with images of their animated alter-egos. which was kinda cool, but mostly lame. sounded good though. if you don't already know, gorillaz iz damon albarn (of blur), miho hatori (of cibo mato), dangermouse (of the grey album mashup) who replaces dan the automator, and MF Doom and other rappers who replace del tha funky homosapien. in other words, most of the zombie bizness is gone this time. you might have heard this song on the new ipod commercial unless of course you've been living under a rock and/or you're nick or nate.

fannypack ::seven one eight::
from the new album see you next tuesday

yo brooklyn, yo bronx! i love this song. and it's stuck in my head riiiight... now. fannypack are 3 jennys from the block just barely out of high school. oh hi nick, when did you get here? they were put together and hipster-ified by nyc DJ's matt goias and fancy (yes, fancy) who take teeny bopper hip hop (teeny hopper) and turn it into rhein-gold. on their last album, they used a yeah yeah yeah's sample in things and managed to get a video on MTV for cameltoe including lyrics like "is your crotch hungry girl? cause it's eating your pants..." this is the only song i've heard off their new one so far. but i rike their bass. their beat is correct. and clearly, they still love them some 'gina jokes.

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