my shit turned green 

this post is just a reminder, for people like me, who completely forget half of the shit they plan to do just moments after deciding to do it.

in accordance with matt's simple instructions last month, i finally (remembered and) made the energy switch to coned's solutions green power.

if you haven't already, click here to enroll. it takes less than a minute and all you need is an old bill handy for account numbers and such.

it only costs about a half cent more per kwh and apparently there's some sort of $25 rebate after 3 months and a tax waiver on the delivery portion (?) of your bill. i'm not sure what that means, but i like to think of it as getting a credit card that earns airline miles. except in this case, you accumulate karma points out the ass. which really helps for people like me, who also tend to hand a taxi driver a $20 thinking it's a $1. trust me.

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