Front v3.0 (aka very cool thing) 

A girl at my work helped create this thing called Front v3.0. I'll try to explain it, then I'll copy and paste a clip from the website.

You attach this little suit thing to you with a voice activater doohickey. As you yell (as if you were attacking someone), an airsack on your arm inflates to aid you in your attack. However, the other persons suit hears your voice, and automatically inflates a defense airsack around their shoulders and head. And vice versa. The louder you yell, the more the sack inflates. It's not for practical use. It is art, and has a very interesting concept behind it. Be sure to check it out. Now for a clip of their description:

"FRONT consists of two lightweight wearable suits that have both offensive and defensive inflatable air sacs. Attendants assist participants into the suits, securing the suit over their shoulders and over their clothes. A microphone in each suit picks up the wearer's voice. When their voice exceeds a certain volume, small fans cause their own offensive sacs to inflate, along with the other participant's defensive sacs. If both players are above the volume limit, both suits will be entirely inflated. When both players are below that level, the fans suck all the air out of the suits."

Be sure to watch the little video, too. I want one.

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