and also, kittens and flowers. 

since ps1 was closed yesterday (stupid, stupid museum) instead we went to check out the larry clark exhibit at the ICP.

it's disturbingly impressive, or maybe that should be impressively disturbing, and i highly recommend it. not only are they showing a great collection of his published and unpublished photos, but also some of his personal collages and video clips that draw connections between our societal obsessions and his photography subjects. his films are also covered. they have some original casting sheets and on-set stills from KIDS, and a movie room where you can watch the trainwreck that is bully. there's also a long personal essay on display from teenage lust that is surprisingly compelling. his own little catcher in the rye.

all in all, i have to say, the more semi-erect penises and accidental gunshot wounds we saw the less i thought of him as just some pervy 62 year old dude with a 19 year old girlfriend that likes to film/photograph teens having sex. i mean he also has other interests, like amphetamines and guns and hustlers and stabbing people...

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