hey can someone come look at my mtv, it's doing something funny 

i was watching real world/road rules challenge and veronica's all "that's so shady!" and flips out on some girl who starts crying and mike's all "this is the best inferno ever!" you know, normal monday night mtv stuff. and then the weirdest. thing. happened. my mtv started trippin.

i can't believe i'm using these words in the same sentence as mtv but trippin is a brilliant, eco-conscious reality/travel show where cameron diaz takes various different celebs (mark hoppus, redman, drew barrymore, kid rock, jessica alba...) around the world to countries under ecological threat and they meet with environmental experts, go on excursions, learn local customs and just generally act respectfully. i swear i even got misty when they were in bhutan and redman hung a prayer flag on the top of a mountain in honor of ODB. i've seen about 3 episodes so far. and man, it's well done. from the graphics to the music to the eco-fact supers. and get this, at the end of each episode they explain that in turn for using up all the resources it takes to create the show, they're donating a portion of profits back into renewable energy sources.

almost as good for society's moral values as that whole nick and jessica thing.

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