my week. 

on monday we went to see ed's band at piano's. and i tell ya, i've seen some tight panthers in my day, but this panther is even tighter.

on wednesday, i wandered around williamsburg and took some pics. i'm reading a chuck palanhiuk book, and for some reason this reminded me of him. can anyone guess what this is?

on saturday, monica, lily and i walked across the bridge and went to a free concert at the east river amphitheater. it's a cool little place to see some music. we saw meneguar, mobius band, and human television.

then we went to ed's place where he was having a big bbq party at his place in greenpoint. everything was great, until tom whigged out and started having flashbacks.

speaking of burned-out acid casualties, later that night we met up with a trippy-looking josh at clem's (where else? duh), where he and some buddies were rehashing old 'nam stories. seriously. no joke.

on sunday we went to shawn and karen van every's apartment in brooklyn heights. we were celebrating jason and shawn's birthdays and getting leis. man, that joke just never gets old, does it? it was so hot that instead of candles, they just blew out the cakes. happy birthday jason and shawn!

after the party, on the way to williamsburg, even though we didn't have time, jacquie and eve still stopped to smell the flowers.

at warsaw, we watched band of horses. the beardiest band in rock and roll. in between songs i was checking espn.com on my phone to get the latest score of the mavs/heat game. stay tuned for more details on that...


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