for all your illustration needs... 

help is only a click away.

finally, i got a website up. feel free to look around, let me know what you think. and please send it to anyone that needs an illustrator.

mad props to ed zeizel for building this website for me. he did an awesome job. most of you know ed. you've met him at various gatherings, most recently at jacque's party. and he hosted an awesome superbowl party back in january at his huge pad in greenpoint. we first spoke about my website back in the fall, and he has dealt with all my demands most graciously, and handled the countless revisions with ease. thanks ed!!!! he's a man of many talents. when not tinkering with websites, or being a music engineer, he can be found playing bass for a band called panther tighter, and they're playing this monday at piano's. i'll be there.

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