my week. 

summer is here, that means matching suits are in.

the weather has been beautiful. make sure you get outside and get some exercise, like walking. AIDS walk '06. i was going to make t-shirts just like i have for the GLO shows. but somehow i didn't think that "the Doors :::heart::: AIDS" would be appropriate.

mia does manhattan.

on jacque's birthday, everyone showed up at the beach bar in long island city. it looked like it was going to rain.

and it did. but still we were all smiles.

happy birthday jacque!

on saturday night, my beloved dallas mavericks defeated the phoenix suns and advanced to their first ever NBA finals. i wanna be like dirk. they face shaq and josh webman's hometown miami heat in their first finals appearance as well. it's a shame that one of these franchises (miami) has to lose. the beating starts thursday. come watch the games with me.


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