alright you noodle-armed sissies! this post ain't for the weaklings (kinda like 'guts'. anyway, it's best to read this post to yourself using a WWF voice)! saturday night was ladies arm wrestling night at a bar called soft spot! but that night, the only thing soft was the name!!!! it's about 4 blocks from eve's apartment, so after doing some warm-ups, and taking a pre-fight nap on the couch (nate), we headed over at 8 sharp for the MAIN EVENT!!!

'eve of destruction' and 'the social drinker' are seen here saying "WE'RE GONNA BREAK YOU!!"

the competition was fierce. and this is just the ref!!

the 'eve of destruction' went first. WHO'S NEXT, BITCHES!?!?

'la china loca' ANNIHILATED 'the specialist' in the next round!!!

the fans were thrilled, and couldn't wait to see who advanced!

she came, she saw, she succumbed to THE HYDRAULIC PRESS!!! um...who also happens to be a frickin' construction worker...

for the championship, it came down to 'la china loca', and 'the hydraulic press'. IT'S PAIN TIME!!

'la china loca' ended up winning a tough bout. but after some thought, i realized, that in the end, it doesn't really matter who won or lost, all that matters is....THE SHOCKER!!!! YEAH!!!

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