my week. *lovey dovey edition* 

tuesday was valentine's day. this prehistoric frog at the museum of natural history asked eve, "would you be my......lunch?"

this guy was lonely on valentine's day, so he was reduced to pearl diving. some of you may get that joke, some of you may not...

drrrty, i found someone that beat your high score in that seal clubbing game. ladies and gentelmen, the winner, and STILL champion...

yes dear...? my deer could kick your deer's ass.

on saturday, we went to the elton john fan club museum, otherwise known as the met.

and they've recently installed a gay porn exhibit. it made me blush, and i don't know how that little kid got in there. i think that one guys is looking for a towel...boy, my week is really trying to appeal to the masses today, huh?

um...moving on. saturday night things got heated up. eve entered in an all-female arm wrestling tournament. all eyes were on the prize. and nametags. there are some real winners. my personal faves: the cow puncher, sleazy bake oven, and home wrecker. but my very favorite? eve of destruction. you guys are in for a treat. a post dedicated entirely to the contest. stay tuned...

and no, nate. you can't play.


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