i have a new friend that works at the american museum of natural history. her name is meg, jacquie, you met her at the GLO concert at the delancey. she can't make it to my party, but as a b-day gift, she invited me and whoever wants to go, free admission, any day of the week. team freelance, i smell a field trip. i know matthew is not gonna want to miss this, so we'll have to wait until he gets back. there's a new dinosaur exhibit that i want to check out. i like them big lizards.

let's do this. some time soon. and then stroll on over to the park for a picnic or lay-out session, or whatever.

....um...who's left on team freelance right now? i just went down the list, and it ain't lookin' promising. nat (full-time (which is a good thing!), scratch), bridget (maternity leave filler-inner, scratch (for a few months anyway)), eric/christa (california dreamin', scratch), aaron (never shows up, scratch), shit. looks like matt, jac, jac, tom, and nick. we need new recruits.

we're gonna get SCOFFed on this one, i can feel it...

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