june gloom 

apparently this is what they call that time in LA when the fog rolls in every day and it's a bit chilly and grey. (basically, nyc '05 in the "spring".) but for me it means sitting in the wong doody offices on pico working on a banner ad for infrastructure software geared toward architects while eating from a trough of thai rice at my desk. this whole bi-coastal thing is not as glamorous as i'd imagined. however, i did see tyra banks as i was leaving the shutters pool on sunday. she had cornrows in her hair and an unidentified white dude on her arm. on the weekend i shopped here:

shopkitson.com-there was a line and a red velvet rope to get into this joint. apparently it's paris' favorite place to shop in LA, as evidenced by lots of offensively bright ruffled minis and tight sequined ironic tees.

lisakline.com-this is where they have that curtain that comes down to shield peeps from the paparazzi. on saturday they were shooting these two girls a la 'laguna beach' or 'rich girls' style in the store who were all 'yeah, we love our school uniforms but we looooooooove juicy.'

tattydevine.com-actually they're in London, but i got the dopest name necklace from there and they have all this fun jewelry and a little glass lens you get to use to look at the stuff.

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